Pregnant Superwoman Shames Haters With An Epic Reply

Pregnant Superwoman Shames Haters

Published on September 12th, 2018

Pregnancy is one of the happiest as well as beautiful periods in any woman’s life. Of course, once the women get pregnant, then experience full of joy, happiness, hope as well as anxiety.

On the other hand, people shower you with blessings that also make you feel special but keeping yourself happy is really important during all the three trimesters.

In that time, women also get a unique experience, as well as enjoy her conscience grow by the leaps as well as bounds which mean women will get deep insight into how innocent as well as pious the deeds of the environment as well as nature.

In that time, she is also shared her joy of being pregnant on the internet through social media but unfortunately, it gets great negative reviews among the people especially her haters started to troll her.

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Twas in January 2017 she snapped a beautiful picture of her baby bump captioning. To her utter disappointment.
Of course, the internet fraternity also failed to understand her emotions. Most of them came out trolling her in different ways but she handled that situation a cool manner.

Being a woman of strength as well as the mother of twins, she handled this critical situation very carefully. Especially she did not give in to the dud judgments related to the social media but she is also replied in a pleasant way.

Her reply is simple at the same time epic as well as it wins hearts when we read, overall it is the great reply to the people who troll her, Here a pregnant black writer loves to share her happiness and joy of being pregnant.

Obviously, it is really easy to feel exposed at the same time helpless on the Internet. When anyone can share a photo on social media, then it also contains the risk of becoming a meme or it will become a punching bag sometimes based on the situations. On the other hand wave of people also eagerly waiting to troll that situation with the click of a button.

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Of course, this pregnant African American woman was shocked and also experienced a lot of difficulties when she discovered that her beautiful baby bump was shamed.

She was posted that photo of herself sunbathing, but unfortunately, it gets a lot of trollers and negative comments when she posts it on the social media. Unfortunately, she experiences a lot of difficulties due to the Instagram trollers because the trollers unleashed hate on her.

Her post, Getting down to the wire, still, just only about two weeks left for me as well as these boys before they make their debut, even crazy excited at the same time totally nervous. However, what a way to start #2017 #35weeks #twins #babybump, but what happened next was shocking.

Even we can see a lot of the negative comments as well as trolls on her photo. Trollers started to hate her when sported her baby bump in a bikini and it was nasty.

In addition to this, the writer also received some positive comments for her sunbathing photo but most of them downright disgusting with the negative worlds.

On the other hand, most of the comments were filled with the body shamers and haters but she handled that situation very nicely by providing epic comment to the haters that will be the perfect reply to the people who hate her.

In general, Thomas was also attacked by haters, trollers, anonymous bullies as well as that took it upon them to ask some questions like why she’s nasty looking or also why her belly was so black and also raises a lot of questions but she didn’t lie down. Even in an interview with BET, she also responded with valor.

In that time, Porsche also decided to utilize her platform to address the trollers, body shamers by providing a suitable answer for those questions.

Instead of getting anger or disappointment or stress she also turned this into a teaching proper lesson to the trollers as well as haters that completely promote awareness.

At the time of the interview with BET, she also said, I was baffled. At the same time, I didn’t understand it because, to me, on the other hand, it wasn’t even a great photo of myself.

Now it becomes very hot top but it was just a photo to embrace the belly but it wasn’t that deep when I posted my photo on social media. In the same interview, Porsche also decided to give a proper answer to all the questions that have come from the haters and trollers.

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Porsche also explained the reason behind the shocking reaction, it is the time for destigmatizing what it really means to be pregnant as a black woman while posting the beautiful image on social media.

Of course, we don’t get to see Black baby bumps but most people have a negative reaction for some reason and especially most of them hate the photo posted on the social media because of its vulgar.

Porsche still wanted to respond to all the trollers as well as haters, but her response was epic at the same time very cool. In that time, Thomas also decided to respond again as well as she writes an epic Instagram post.

In an Instagram post, Thomas also posted a photo of her sipping on some tea in the time of cradling her baby bump. Even she also captioned the photo with an epic clapback.

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Some of them criticize the blackness that is my belly as well as me. I over here am enjoying life, as well as growing tiny humans, of course, now I am performing miracles even hopefully getting even blacker. Even Porsche is someone also just shared her feelings from the heart.

Obviously, it is really common to see a lot of negative comments but could have disturbed her when she upsetting.
Most importantly, Porsche Thomas didn’t let the haters get to her. When it comes to speaking with BET, she is also highlighted her positive attitude, as well as cool character. She said that I shake everything off that’s negative.

As well as, I don’t hold on to other people’s choice or opinions, because these have nothing to do with me. When I read it I just laugh at the ignorance because, I know it exists, as well as it is there and its.

She rose above the criticism as well as trolls in a nice way even her also enjoying her beautiful life with her beautiful kids. Of course, now she enjoying her life in the perfect way and also posted some pictures of her family that is the perfect reply to all her haters and trollers.

Long way to go lady and we are proud of you. Most people shocked about the Porsche Thomas’ response to all the trollers and haters.

She simply provided an answer for the negative comments and questions even she make everything simple. She has cool characters just handled this situation in a beautiful way by giving complicated teaching lesson to the haters as well as people who trollers her.

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