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10 Tips To Preserve Your Skin This Winter

Preserve Your Skin This Winter

Published on December 18th, 2017

Is your skin failing in giving the mesmerizing look that it uses to give in the summer season? Are you tired of trying everything that your mother told, your friends suggested and whatever the advertisements said? Now you think that there is no hope for you to get that charm and glow in your skin that you thought and then think twice. In this article, you are going to get the tips of how to preserve your skin these winters.

1. Choose moisturizers carefully

Choose moisturizers carefully

People tend to apply moisturizers that are not suitable for their body. This is not just problematic to their skin but also to the glow of their skin. Winter is never good for skin. The skin gets dry and tampered due to the harsh weather. The creams that have petroleum based ingredients inside of them make your body drier because they soak up all the nourishment and moisture in your skin making it drier. So, it is utterly important to choose your cream wisely.

2. Wash up face in warm water

Wash up face in warm water

Don’t you feel soothing while taking a hot bubble bath or shower in the hot water? But you might not know this thing that the more you spend time with warm water, the more oil is stripped away from your skin.

3. Immediate application of moisturizer

Immediate application of moisturizer

You should know the right amount of moisturizer that should be used on your body. Using more of it is not a problem, but if you are less on application then it will be harmful for your skin. Application of moisturizer immediately after you take bath is also necessary. Keep a bottle of moisturizer just beside your bath tub.

4. Necessary protection while travelling

Whenever you are travelling on a vehicle then you should always protect yourself. This protecting means wearing scarves, gloves and sweaters. Not just the sunscreen can help you in protecting the glow of your skin but these will also add on your glowing skin. But sunscreen is always helpful; it is not just used in summers but also in winters. One should always keep it in mind that winter sun can always be harmful as much as summer sun.

5. Heat it up

Heating system in your house can also make the air of your room drier. Not this, the better way to be warm is using a Humidifier. If not anywhere else, just use it in the bedroom. This will help the air get its moisture back and so your skin won’t get anything out.

6. Water Consumption

Water Consumption

Consumption of water is very essential and this is what makes your skin glow. One should drink adequate amount of water even in winters. We know that winters usually cut down the consumption of water, but the person should keep in mind that drinking water is really very necessary because it will fill in the amount of moisture in your skin.

7. Safe guard it overnight

Safe guard it overnight

Nights are healers, did you know that? If not, then you will always miss out on something very important. Use moisturizers on your skin before sleeping so that you could make it a better one when you wake up in the morning. The moisturizer settles underneath the skin.

8. Remove the dead skin

Remove the dead skin

In the winter season the skin gets dried and dead skin appears on the skin top. So how much you apply the moisturizers it won’t settle in the underneath skin because the dead skin does not allow the soaking.

9. Hydration is necessary

Inside or outside, be it anything you need to keep the skin hydrated. For the outside the hydration is done by creams but then when it comes from the within, you can do it by eating good food. Good food as in, eating fruits or food filled with water. Watermelon, Melon, cucumber these are the priorities which you should have.

10. Allergens and Irritants should be avoided

Allergens and Irritants should be avoided

If you are allergic to some cream, you should avoid using it because it will damage your skin or should i say will make adverse changes in your skin. You should keep your skin’s nature in mind before your or even before buying a cream for yourself. This will help you in preventing every adverse problem which can cultivate in your skin.

Following these tips will give you a better skin this winters and not just this every winter from now on will be a good one. Your skin will not suffer now.