5 Problems With Hay Day Game

Hay Day Game

December 20th, 2018   |   Updated on January 7th, 2019

A publication of Supercell, Hay day is amongst the most addictive smartphone games out there currently. With millions of users across numerous countries, Hay Day was launched on iOS in 2012 and Android in 2013.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with the game. Just like every other game, Hay Day has its own set of issues. Now, there might be a lot of problems but we are just looking at the top 5 problems with the Hay Day game.

1. Server Issue

dedicated server (2)

One of the biggest issues seen with Hay Day in 2019 is the server problem. Users of the game have found it difficult to log in through various social media platforms, load their existing game and various such server related issues.

It has been a cause of concern in the Supercell community as well. Sometimes the server has taken hours to load. Hay Day lost a large chunk of user base due to the server issue.


2. Issues with the new update

Hay Day Game

The current update of Hay Day has made it difficult for users to login. On one hand, where players are finding it difficult to log in, on the other, the game lags.

The game tends to get stuck either during the boot stage or somewhere in the middle. The issue has been consistent with the new update.


3. Unable to Download an Update

Hay Day Game

Yes, the latest update causes a problem, however, if your game is constantly asking for an update and not running without, you are not alone.

The Hay Day game asks for updates however when you actually go on to download the update it does not. Individuals have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. It worked for some, not for others.


4. Facebook Login

facebook time line

Users have faced issues with logging in with Facebook. The game keeps logging off from Facebook and takes ages to reconnect.

This has been a redundant issue with a lot of individuals who used their Facebook ID to log into the game. Sometimes it even comes down to not accepting Facebook login leading to an entire loss of achievements in the game.


5. Lags

Hay Day Game

The game lags a lot. In some instances, the entire trial of saved games has just been wiped off of the game. From lags at the booting stage to lags during harvesting. The game has severe lagging problems. There also have been complaints about reconnections taking endless time and ultimately the application dies.

In conclusion, there have been some serious problems with the game. A Lot of Hay Day fans have been facing them from quite some time and a solid solution is yet to come. You can also share your problems and experiences in the Supercell community and this post . If the game works fine in your phone, enjoy.