Top 7 Programming Jobs That Will Be In Demand In 2020

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February 8th, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

The digitization of most manufacturing, processing, and banking systems has led to significant job losses and even thrown some careers into obsolescence.

Indeed, most workers in the private sector are not huge fans of information technology as they have seen some of their colleagues losing their jobs and are afraid it could also happen to them. However, you can’t deny that IT integration in business systems has resulted in better outcomes and increased efficiency.

Programming Jobs

Most importantly, it has significantly reduced the possibility of loss or disruption of business from the typical human errors. What’s more, thousands of computer-generated jobs have been created and continue to be established across different industries, ranging from software engineer to iOS developer jobs.

If you’re interested in getting a career in IT, here are 7 programming jobs that may interest you:

1. Data Security Expert

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For the last several decades, the conversation has mainly been about getting as many people as possible to integrate IT into their lives. Concerted efforts have been successful, as more than half the world’s population own either a smartphone or computer.

Now, the talks in IT and even political circles are all about data security and privacy. As more people, and even organizations, learn the need to keep their online information secure, data security experts are in very high demand.

With the passing of stringent data privacy laws in some countries, major corporations and even government agencies in charge of sensitive data will most likely be having dedicated data security departments by 2020.


2. Mobile App Developers

As mentioned earlier, smartphones are the flagship technological devices and these days, almost every digital system comes with a mobile app. An app developer differs from an ordinary IT developer in that app developers do the basic code writing stuff while software developers can perform other tasks such as developing algorithms.

Nonetheless, mobile app developers are in high demand now and will be in even higher demand by 2020. With knowledge in app development, you can look for well paying Android or iOS developer jobs in both the private and public sectors.


3. Business Intelligence Analyst

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Businesses are increasingly collecting consumer data and seeking to derive useful market information therein, and the trend looks to continue to 2020 and beyond.

Business Intelligence Analysts collect relevant data from sources such as internal databases, census reports, market trends, and consumer indices and try to determine future trends based on known past behavior. They advise the business executives on, among others, the products to launch, when to launch and how to launch them.

From an IT developer perspective, BI analysts are essential voices in the business app development processes as they know how to create winning designs.

4. Computer Software Developer

Despite smartphones taking up most of the functions traditionally associated with computers, most businesses still prefer to have or use, computers for different reasons.

By extension, computers need different applications, whether word processing documents, video editors or video games, to be useful to the users. And that’s where computer software developers come in.

They design, develop, maintain and update computer software and check for bugs as well. Some seasoned software engineers also work on other types of IT systems such as Management Information Systems (MIS) and Transaction Processing System (TPS).

An IT software developer can either be a freelancer working on their programs or sometimes working with clients on their terms or they can be employed by a corporation or government.


5. Full-Stack IT Developer

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Yes, app and software developers may get all the plaudits for now, but in the future, full stack developers will be on the top end of the spectrum. For the uninitiated, full-stack developers are relatively more skilled than ordinary programmers and can handle both back and front end coding.

They can also design and create IT systems from scratch, installing all the necessary hardware and software components in the process.

Further, these developers also deal with cloud computing systems and possess varying levels of knowledge in multiple programming languages which would also make them suitable for javascript developer jobs. Full stack developers are also qualified to compile Wi-Fi range extender reviews, among other IT related articles.

Usually, however, full-stack developers are involved in establishing and maintaining servers and different kinds of databases. The average full stack developer salary in America is $110,000 per year, which is above average.


6. Developer Support Engineer

Often, the programmers and developers in general use more technical language and are not able to communicate and deliver messages to clients in an understandable manner.

As such, most tech companies are increasingly warming up to the idea of having user support specialists to serve as liaisons between their technical teams and their clients. A developer support engineer’s job description includes assisting customers install and get started with IT systems, diagnose any potential problems and create basic scripts in Groovy and Python.

It may not be the most sought after career in the tech world for now, but will definitely be up there in 2020 and beyond.


7. Data Analyst

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Increased Internet penetration, combined with the covert and overt data gathering methods employed by governments and organizations, means that anyone who can interpret and analyze this data is automatically employable.

Data analysts try to create sensible and straightforward reports from the mountains of raw data at their disposal. Some of the fields where data analysts are needed include in sales and marketing, and in market research for new and existing businesses.

Notably, you may need other soft skills, such as coding and communication skills to succeed in this field but that’s not hard to learn when you are committed.



The tech industry has grown exponentially over the years and is currently worth billions of dollars. However, the potential for growth is still huge, and we expect more opportunities to open up in the industry in the coming years.

Thus, if you’re a budding developer, you can study one or two of the courses listed above, and you will have something to smile about in the near future.

Now, tell us, which of our top 7 jobs would you like to get? And why?

Alex Green is a developer and freelance writer and webmaster. Over the past three years, he has worked on various IT development projects, and knows a lot about the specifics of these professions.