10 Ways To Protect Your Social Media Accounts

Protect Your Social Media Accounts

Published on February 20th, 2023

In the current world, social media is an essential part of our life and around 50% of the global population uses social media regularly and remains online.

There is a lot of posting, sharing and information passing happening within your social circle over these social platforms which are growing in numbers day by day. So, it becomes extremely important to know how to protect your social media accounts from multiple hacks and attacks.

Day by day the amount of time which we spend over these social platforms is increasing and so is the number of social platforms across the internet. People spend hours on social media sharing their precious personal information for hackers and data brokers to steal and misuse.

Today there are multiple social sites where you are holding your account and you never know how your personal info can be snatched from these sites by cyber attackers and used against you.

It’s high time now to follow these 10 simple ways to help keep you safe and secure out there: be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or whatnot. Try follow these regularly and safeguard your social appearance and identity from online cons:

1. Protect Yourself And Your Devices

It’s always advisable to have at least a basic level of security software or antivirus in your device be it laptop, desktop, tablet or even mobile. They are your first level of defense against any kind of cyberattacks and online threats.

They will help filter out all malicious stuff from your devices which might be used by cyber criminals against you.

2. Set Strong And Unique Passwords

Try to set strong and unique passwords for your social accounts as this becomes your first line of defense against any kind of attack. The more unique and tough your password is the stronger it is against any kind of hack.

3. Try To Set Different Passwords For Different Accounts

Generally, it is a common habit among social media users to have one common password across all their social accounts be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

This is not advisable as hacking even one password over a social platform can be the key to hack several accounts. Instead, try a password manager which can create those passwords for you and safely store them as well.

4. Do Not Accept Friend Requests From Strangers

Today there are billions of online fake accounts spread across hundreds of social media platforms which are being used to lure social media users for cyber fraud.

It’s always recommended not to accept every invite which you receive on your social account. Be patient and wise enough to investigate and observe. Once you are confident enough, then only proceed to accept.

If you find any of these invites fishy; feel free to reject. Do not accept invites from strangers without investigation because they can be fake.

5. Be Cautious In Tagging And Checking-in On Social Media

Try to avoid tagging your family and close friends on all your social posts. Also, avoid checking-in on your social posts as well. Generally, cyber criminals and imposters can use this information to lure and attack your account.

These posts may give an edge to imposters to target you making your account vulnerable to attack.

6. Keep Close Watch On Phishing Scams

There have been multiple phishing attacks and scams going around every day and you also can be a victim of these before you even know. So, it’s strongly recommended not to follow or click any links or attachments you receive from strangers on direct messengers of these social platforms.

Also, don’t share your details like email, address, or other personal info to these so-called online competitions, offers, posts and messages because they can be a trap to steal your personal information.

7. Watch Out For Social Scams Of All Types

Social media is also a platform where scammers and cyber attackers run a lot of “Get-rich-quick” schemes for scamming users easily.

There are multiple ads, posts, and even direct messages being set up by imposters which are specially designed as per user’s social account to get their personal information which can be used as the basis of an attack. Always keep a close watch on such kinds of activities.

8. Avoid Using Public Internet Or Wi-Fi While Using Social Media

Generally, public internet and wi-fi are super vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hackers attack them frequently. So, it is always recommended to avoid using public internet and Wi-fi at public places like stations, malls, cafes, etc. Please refrain from these to stay safe as they generally don’t follow standard security protocols.

9. Keep Reviewing Your Tags

Some of the social platforms allow the users to review their posts before posting. Please check your account and privacy settings to give yourself the highest degree of control over visibility. This will keep you safe and secure over social media from being tagged anywhere and everywhere.

10. Opt For Private Mode While Sharing Your Stuff

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others give you the option of making your profile and posts visible only to friends and connections.

Choosing this private mode keeps the broader audience and imposters away from seeing what you are posting and doing, which can help protect your privacy.

These smart practices will help you keep your social accounts safe and secure. Also, try not posting every stuff of yours on the internet.

It’s an old saying that your data remains on the internet forever at the backend and hackers might take advantage of this. So, avoid posting anything and everything on the internet, especially your private info, unless mandatory. Stay safe and secure!!!