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37 Reasons To Stay The Hell Out Of Quebec


Published on July 29th, 2017

It’s the home of maple syrup, festivals and North America’s only walled city. On the eastern side of Canada, it’s also the half-way point on a trip to west coast Vancouver. Here’s 37 reasons to stay the hell out of Quebec.

1. Have you heard that Quebec is gorgeous?



2. That everyone needs to see it before they die?



3. Forget it.



4. Quebec is awful.



5. There’s nothing exotic about it.



6. It’s suffocating.



7. It’s all concrete. There’s no green. No beauty.



8. No relaxing views.



9. And the sunsets are really underwhelming.



10. The skies are really underwhelming in general. Nothing stunning about them at all.



11. Especially when they’re spoiled by those hideous Northern Lights.



12. But the cities are even worse.



13. The houses have absolutely no charm.



14. There’s no sense of history.



15. No sense of heritage.



16. Nothing worth visiting.



17. And if you thought Montreal was bad, you’re going to hate Québec City.



18. It’s abysmal in the autumn.



19. And it’s even worse in the winter.



20. Somehow, there’s even less charm in Québec City than there was in Montreal.



21. And it’s bleak and scary at night.



22. One is not at all inclined to stroll down the streets when Christmas is approaching.



23. There’s no art scene.



24. The streets are gray and dull. Everything looks the same.



25. And Quebec is totally shut off to other cultures.



26. It’s boring. There’s no night life.



27. And you’d never want to live there. It’s like living in hell.



28. Snack on maple syrup! Québec produces 77% of the world’s supply. Spring is harvest time and the syrup is made from the sap of the maple trees and the state has over 400 ‘sugar shacks’.. Montérégie, near Montreal, has 17 where you can try traditional family cooking plus a great selection of maple desserts. Speciality la tire is hot taffy poured on snow and then pulled on a stick before it hardens.

Snack on maple syrup


29. Marvel at the whales. Québec is one of the few places in the world where you can see such a wide variety – attracted by the river’s shellfish and impressive depth! Whale watching cruises available from late May to early October in the St Lawrence River.

Marvel at the whales. Québec


30. Cycle around the city of Montréal. This unusual French-speaking city in southwest Quebec is actually built on a island where the huge St Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers meet. The city has a massive 600km network of cycle paths.

Cycle around the city of Montréal


31. Take to the water to get a different view of Montréal. Try jet boating or rafting on the Lachine rapids. Then, relax on the man-made beach or exploring Mont Royal Park.

 Mont Royal Park


32. Don’t miss Old Montréal with its cobbled streets, many boutiques, restaurants and pavement cafés.

Old Montréal with its cobbled streets


33. Discover the only walled city in North America. Quebec city is in the north east part of the state and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a food-inspired walking tour around the city, visit the Plains of Abraham and the historic citadel.

Quebec city


34. Stay in a hotel overlooking the St Lawrence River – the grand Fairmont Chateau Frontenac is popular, or choose a boutique hotel, such as the Auberge Saint-Antoine.

St Lawrence River


35. Go bear-watching. Wildlife here includes Black Bear and Moose. Black Bears can be found in their natural habitat from June to September near Québec City in the Duchesnay Resort. Moose are found in the Jacques-Cartier National Park 45 minutes from Québec City and are best seen from the water in the early morning, so try a lake kayak at dawn to spot them.

Go bear-watching


36. Have fun at the festivals. Québec knows how to party and has over 500 festivals year-round. The ‘International Jazz Festival’ in June and July in Montreal has over 800 events.

International Jazz Festival


37. Take a spa trip. Spa Eastman is a short drive from Montréal and in the heart of the Eastern Townships and offer ‘Raw Food Weeks’ or fine dining. They source all their food organically and locally and the spa is surrounded by breathtaking countryside so enjoy the walks and the fresh air.This 326-acre haven offers various treatments aimed at relaxing both body and mind.

Raw Food Weeks Québec