Answer These 20 Questions To Discover How Much You Know About Modern Day Technologies

Modern Day Technologies

Published on July 2nd, 2019

Our life has improved significantly thanks to modern day technologies. We use these technologies in everything we do. Answer these 20 questions to discover how much you know about modern day technologies

1. Who Among The Following Is The Best Known As The Inventor Of The Microwave Oven?

2. Apple Was Founded By Steve Jobs And

3. QR Code Was First Designed In 1994 For The Automotive Industry In Which Countyry?

4. Who Among The Following Is Known As The "Father Of The Internet'?

5. One Of The Following Is Not An Early Computer. Identify It.

6. Which Of The Following Is Wrongly Matched?

7. Jony Ive Is The Outgoing Chief Design Officer Of Which Company?

8. Which Of The Following Video Game Companies Is Headquartered In Kyoto, Japan?

9. What Does URLStand For?

10. One Of The Following Is Not A Computer Company. Idntify It.

11. GUI Stand For:

12. Which Of The Following Is A Windows File Extension?

13. What Is Chromium?

14. Which Of The Following Is Not A Google Product?

15. Twitter Was Created In March 2006 By Four Persons. Identify The Person Who Was A Part Of That Project.

16. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Are Used In

17. When Did Computer Viruses First Appear?

18. What Was The First Computer Virus Called?

19. He Co-founded Microsoft Alongside Bill Gates In 1975.

20. Which Of The Following Products/services Is Not Created By Amazon?