A Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide To Master Rainbow Six Siege

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Published on May 27th, 2024

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter that emphasizes strategic gameplay, team cooperation, and environmental destruction. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get started.

What Is Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter focused on precision, planning, and teamwork.

Released in 2015, the game has grown extensively, with new maps, operators, weapons, and seasonal events. Major technical updates have also enhanced character diversity and gameplay.

Building on the success of their long-running tactical shooter series, Rainbow Six Siege takes combat to the next level with highly destructible environments and a constantly expanding roster of Operators from around the world, each with unique weapons, gadgets, and abilities.

It tests your skills in three distinct game modes across more than 20 large-scale maps, each inspired by different locations and scenarios.

You are supposed to refine your playstyle with your favorite Operators and unlock new cosmetics to personalize them. Check out Rainbow Six Siege Official Website.

Rainbow Six Siege Key Features

Multiplayer FPS

Rainbow Six Siege is built around a multiplayer experience. In teams of five, you’ll alternate between attacking and defending each round. Even if you’re eliminated, you can still assist your team using cameras and drones.


There are no bots or respawns. Adapt your attack and defense strategies to suit different Operators and locations. Remember, teamwork is essential for victory.


The game features destructible environments, allowing you to destroy windows, walls, floors, and ceilings. Use this to navigate the map and find new entry points or shooting lines.


In each phase of the game, choose from a variety of attacking or defending Operators, each with unique gadgets and playstyles.

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Game Modes

Rainbow Six Siege Game Modes

Rainbow Six Siege offers a variety of game modes, each with its own unique objectives and strategies:

  • Bomb: Attackers must locate and defuse one of two bombs, while defenders try to stop them. The round can also be won by eliminating all players on the opposing team.
  • Hostage: Attackers must rescue a hostage, while defenders protect the hostage and prevent the rescue. Be careful with explosives as harming the hostage can result in a loss.
  • Secure Area: Attackers must secure a biohazard container by staying within a designated area, while defenders try to prevent them. Securing the area can be contested if defenders remain in the area.

Core Mechanics


Most walls, floors, and ceilings are destructible. Use this feature to create new lines of sight or breach paths, giving you strategic advantages.

Be aware that destruction can work both ways. Opening a wall might give you a new attack route, but it can also expose you to enemy fire.

Gadgets And Utility

Utilize your Operator’s gadgets effectively. Each gadget is designed for specific scenarios, so learn how and when to use them.

Pay attention to utilities such as drones, cameras, and reinforcement walls. These tools provide valuable information and help control the battlefield.

Movement And Positioning

Move cautiously; sound cues are critical in Siege. Running can give away your position, so walk or crouch to move silently when necessary.

Use crouch and lean mechanics to minimize exposure. Leaning around corners allows you to see enemies while exposing less of your body.

Advanced Destructibility In Rainbow Six Siege

One of the most unique aspects of Rainbow Six Siege is the advanced destructibility of its environments.

Walls, floors, and ceilings can be destroyed or shot through, creating dynamic gameplay opportunities.

Types Of Walls

  • Soft Walls: These can be penetrated with bullets and completely destroyed using various gadgets, such as breaching charges, Sledge’s hammer, and Ash’s breaching rounds.
  • Indestructible Walls: These walls cannot be penetrated with bullets or destroyed with any gadgets.
  • Reinforced Walls: Defenders can reinforce two “soft” walls each, turning them into reinforced walls. These walls cannot be shot through or destroyed with soft breaching gadgets like breaching charges, Sledge’s hammer, or Zofia’s impact grenades. Only Hard Breachers—Operators like Thermite, Hibana, and Maverick—can create openings in reinforced surfaces.

Floors And Ceilings

  • Impenetrable: These surfaces are indestructible, resistant to both bullets and gadgets.
  • Partially Destructible: Featuring metal beams within, these floors allow for penetration by gunfire and can be breached with specialized gadgets. Soft Breachers excel at creating openings in such surfaces, often used for establishing vertical control.
  • Unreinforced Hatches: By default, these hatches are “soft,” susceptible to destruction via shotguns, explosives, or unique gadgets. Once breached, players can utilize them for traversal or to maintain a defensive position.
  • Reinforced Hatches: Similar to reinforced walls, these hatches resist “soft breaching” techniques and can only be opened by operators specialized in hard breaching.


Rainbow Six Siege Game Operators

When you start playing Rainbow Six Siege, you’ll need to unlock characters called Operators.

Earning the in-game currency to unlock them is fairly easy, so you can quickly try out a few.

To learn more about each Operator, click on them and choose “Guide” to read about their unique abilities or “Loadout” to see their weapons.

Pick an Operator that seems fun and has weapons you like. If you usually use automatic rifles in other shooting games, avoid Operators who only have pistols.

If you’re unsure who to pick, here are some good Operators guide for beginners:

  • Attackers: Sledge, Thermite, Hibana
  • Defenders: Castle, Rook, Caveira

Remember, you’ll play as two Operators in each match—one for attacking and one for defending—so choose wisely.

Don’t pick an Operator you find uninteresting, as it might be a while before you can unlock another one.

Getting Started

Start Simple:

Begin with Operators that have straightforward abilities. Familiarizing yourself with basic gadgets and roles will help you understand the game’s core mechanics.


Consider starting with:

  • Ash: Uses breaching rounds to quickly open up soft walls and create new attack routes.
  • Sledge: Equipped with a hammer to breach walls, floors, and hatches.
  • Thermite: Utilizes exothermic charges to breach reinforced walls, making him essential for breaking through fortified defenses.

Defenders: Good Starting Choices Include:

  • Rook: Provides armor plates to the team, offering increased durability.
  • Jäger: Deploys an anti-grenade system that intercepts projectiles, protecting key areas.
  • Bandit: Uses shock wire to electrify reinforced walls and barbed wire, deterring breaches and drones.

Basic Strategies


Use voice chat or in-game pings to communicate with your team. Effective communication can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Share information about enemy locations, movements, and strategies. Call out when you spot an enemy or hear suspicious noises.

Map Knowledge:

Learn common maps to understand the best places to defend or attack. Knowledge of map layouts, entry points, and common hiding spots will give you a tactical advantage.

Know key locations like bomb sites, hatches, and choke points. Familiarity with these areas helps in planning your attacks and defenses.

Team Coordination:

Work with your team to execute strategies. Coordinated attacks and defenses are far more effective than individual efforts.

Avoid lone-wolf behavior; teamwork is crucial. Stay with your team, support each other, and stick to the plan.


Rainbow Six Siege is a challenging but rewarding game that emphasizes tactical gameplay and teamwork.

By starting with the basics and gradually building up your skills, you’ll be able to enjoy the depth and excitement the game offers.

Remember to communicate with your team, learn from each match, and adapt to the evolving battlefield. Good luck, and have fun!