Things To Remember While Choosing An Induction Cooktop

saftey features

July 19th, 2018   |   Updated on May 25th, 2022

There is no denying the fact that induction cooktops have revolutionized cooking in ways never thought of before. If you are looking for the super-fast heating system along with instant reaction to temperature changes, the induction cooktop is just the thing for you.

These cooktops also come with sleek designs that make it the perfect add-on to your modern kitchen décor, and that adds to the superior performance.

However, given the multiple cookware brands making their foray into manufacturing induction cooktops, it becomes difficult for you to choose the best one from among the various options that are available.

Take a look at the following key points that you need to look into while buying an induction cooktop.


1. Choose A Type Of Induction Cooktop


The primary types of induction cooktops include the edgeless and framed designs. The framed designs do give you protection from any spillage. But according to Induction Cooktop reviews, these are also more prone to the accumulation of grime and dirt in the crevices.

The edgeless devices are easier to clean, but they also are likely to get damaged if you drop an object on edge by mistake. So, choose according to what factor receives a priority for you.


2. The Cost Considerations


Truth to be told, the cost of induction cooktops have come down significantly in the past few years. However, it still remains costlier compared to electric or gas cooktops. The differences in price further exist between the different models of the induction cooktop.

Though the price is an important consideration, make sure not to consider cost as the only criteria in choosing an induction cooktop. You need to look into other factors like ratings, features, and more as well.

3. The Safety Features

saftey features

There are multiple safety features in the modern induction cooktops. The safety sensors installed in most of these cooktops that monitors the temperature of the bottom of the cookware.

The appliance gets turned off if an empty pan is left on the cooking zone. A good model will be able to avoid any kind of damage to the hob or the cookware.

When the cooktop is left on for a long duration of time without any change in temperature, it will shut down by itself.


4. Protection From Overflows


The smart induction cooktops shut down with a beep sound if an overflow is spilled onto the controls. This helps in keeping the cooktop clean, and you need to face fewer hassles of tidying up the cooktop after you are done with cooking.

This is one of the significant advantages that you get when you select a good quality induction cooktop over traditional gas ovens.


5. Power Management Systems

Power Management

Look for an induction cooktop with a power management system in place to efficiently divide the power between the cooking zones.

This is mostly seen in cooktops that come with two pairs of ovens. The maximum power can be set for only one of the cooking zones, and the other cooking zone can be set only at a low power level.

Only the cooktops in the opposite zones can provide the maximum powers in two pans.


6. Check The Dimension Of Cooking Zones

Cooking jones

It is best to go for an induction cooktop that has variable dimensions. For instance, if the diameter is more than 21 cm, it provides higher efficiency in using large cookware.

The cooktops come with specific cooking zones that provide clear guidance on the size of the cookware available for that zone. Look for a cooktop that comes with a small, extra-large, and flexible cooking zone.

Make sure that the induction cooktop that you choose ticks off all the boxes that have been mentioned as above.

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