RuneScape Downtime: A Temporary Pause In Your Epic Adventure

RuneScape Down

September 4th, 2023   |   Updated on June 6th, 2024

RuneScape invites you to delve into a high-fantasy MMORPG experience set in an ever-evolving open world.

Across PC, Steam, and Mobile platforms, immerse yourself in a dynamic realm brimming with magic, adventure, and limitless potential.

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Is RuneScape Down

problems at RuneScape down


A frustrated RuneScape player encountering issues reported the problem on Downdetector, attaching screenshots for visibility and assistance.

Mod Easty, the Upload Manager for RuneScape, announced the launch of the week’s game update with precision.

Scheduled for a reboot at 10:15 game time (11:15 am UK time), the tweet gained even more visibility as it was retweeted by the official RuneScape account, generating excitement and anticipation among players worldwide for what awaited them in the game.

Update 1 [8 September 2023]

During IST hours from 4:21 AM to 12:51 PM, several Runescape players have been consistently reporting login and crashing problems, which have been documented on both X and

Update 2 [12 September 2023]

At 1:52 PM (IST) on September 12, 2023, players are unable to access the RuneScape game due to scheduled maintenance, as confirmed in an official tweet by @RuneScape. The maintenance is expected to last for approximately 3 hours.

Update 3 [26 September 2023]

Scheduled maintenance for RuneScape will commence, impacting all servers and expected to endure for approximately 2.5 hours. Your patience during this process is greatly valued.

Update 4 [17 November 2023]

10:44 AM ( IST), Many users reported on that they can’t log in to RuneScape. RuneScape 3 was experiencing issues.

Update 5 [30 January 2024]

Due to planned maintenance as of 30th January at 09:00 UTC, all game servers for RuneScape and Old School will be unavailable for up to 3 hours.

Indian Standard Time (IST): 30th January at 2:30 PM IST

United Kingdom Time (UK): 30th January at 4:00 AM GMT

Update 6 [12 March 2024]

Heads up, #RuneScape adventurers! The game is currently down for scheduled maintenance. Expect to be back in action in about 2 hours. #downtime

Update 7 [23 April 2024]

Many users have reported that RuneScape crashes when they try to log out of the bone storage and receive a message prompting them to complete a quest before teleporting to the new ritual site.

Update 8 [14 May 2024]

RuneScape is presently undergoing maintenance to implement an update addressing issues introduced on Tuesday.

The reboot is scheduled for 10:15 game time (11:15 am UK time), which translates to 6:15 am US Eastern Time, 3:15 am US Pacific Time, and 3:45 pm Indian Standard Time.

This update includes fixes for the Soul Wars tutorial and The Light Within puzzle, introduces chat color customization, enables eagle transportation, and ensures all players are using male sound effects.

Feature Image Source: RuneScape