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How He Leapt Off 25,262 ft To Break The Record For World’s Highest BASE Jump


Published on October 28th, 2016

He is brave Russian athlete, who has broken the world-record for the highest BASE jump. And that too for the second time. Thrilling footage shows Valery Rozov, 51, jumping off the highest point of a 25,262ft snow-covered mountain in China and flying down the rock face before landing safely.

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Thrilling footage shows Valery Rozov, 51, leaping off the top of a 25,262ft snow-covered mountain in China 


By successfully completing the jump, Rozov has once again raised the bar of extreme sports higher, beating his previous 2013 record-breaking jump from the Everest Massif on the border of Nepal and Tibet at 23,688ft



It took 21 days for Rozov and his team to reach the exit point off Mount Cho Oyu ahead of the leap


The leap took 90 seconds in free fall, then the opening of the parachute and the flight under the canopy lasted approximately 2 minutes



To Rozov, jumping from Cho Oyu was one of my life-long ambitions.



Base jumping is parachuting  from a fixed structure or cliff and ‘BASE’ is an acronym which stands for Building, Antenna, Span (such as bridges), and Earth (such as cliffs and mountain tops ) that jumpers can parachute from.



Rozov landed safely on a glacier. 



The mountain itself was extremely impressive and challenging, but nevertheless having the opportunity to climb it and to BASE jump from there was a great experience, he said



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