5 Crucial Safety Features In Google Pixel Phones And Watches

Google Pixel Phones

Published on November 14th, 2023

Here Are The 5 Key Takeaways:

  • Personal Safety App
  • Emergency SOS
  • Scheduled Safety Checks
  • Fall Detection and Car Crash Detection
  • Crisis Alerts

In today’s world, prioritizing personal safety is paramount, and the presence of dependable and readily available safety features on your smartphone or wearable device can be a game-changer.

In this article, we’ll explore the five essential safety features found in Google Pixel phones and watches that are crucial for you to be aware of.

Personal Safety App: A Central Hub For Emergency Information

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The Personal Safety app is a vital tool that functions as a centralized repository for critical emergency information.

With this app, you can securely store important details like your blood type, allergies, and medications.

What makes it even more valuable is that this information can be easily accessed from your device’s lock screen if the need arises.

In emergency situations, having these details readily available can be a lifesaver, as they can be swiftly shared with first responders to ensure you receive the appropriate and timely medical assistance.

To ensure the effectiveness of this feature, it’s crucial to keep the stored information up to date.

In terms of privacy, Google assures users that all this sensitive data is kept locally on the device, prioritizing security and privacy.

The Personal Safety app comes pre-installed on Pixel 4a and later models. However, for those using Pixel 3 and earlier models, you can still access this important tool.

To do so, navigate to your device’s Settings, then select “About phone,” and tap on “Emergency information.”

In the banner at the top of the screen, you can easily update this information to ensure your safety is well-protected.

Emergency SOS: A Lifeline At Your Fingertips

In critical situations, the Emergency SOS feature offers a rapid and effective means to request assistance. Simply press your device’s power button five times to activate this feature.

What’s remarkable is that you can personalize it to contact emergency services, share your location with chosen contacts, and even automatically capture and transmit a video.

For Pixel Watches, a similar functionality can be engaged by pressing the crown. It’s important to note that this feature is available on Pixel 4a and newer devices.

However, remember that it won’t function when your phone is in Airplane mode or when the battery saver is enabled.

Scheduled Safety Checks: Stay Connected And Secure

The Scheduled Safety Checks feature is a valuable tool for keeping your loved ones informed about your well-being, especially when you’re engaging in activities where you might be unreachable.

To set up a safety check using the Personal Safety app on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and select ‘Safety check.’
  2. Choose the reason for the check and the duration (ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours), and then tap ‘Next.’
  3. Pick the contacts you want to notify during the safety check, and tap ‘Start.’

If you’ve enabled notifications for your emergency contacts, they will receive a text message containing your name, the safety check duration, and any provided reason.

During the safety check, you’ll receive a 60-second alert before Emergency sharing begins. To cancel it, confirm that you are safe. You can also end the safety check at any time via the notification.

If you fail to respond within 60 seconds, Emergency sharing will activate. You’ll then have the option to choose from the following actions: ‘I’m OK. Don’t Share,’ ‘Start sharing now’ (to discontinue future safety checks), or ‘Call 911.’

Please note that you may need to unlock your phone to select an action if your device is locked.

Car Crash And Fall Detection: Automatic Assistance In Critical Situations

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Pixel Watches offer valuable fall detection capabilities, which can identify sudden falls and activate assistance protocols when needed.

Additionally, they feature Car Crash Detection, designed to sense severe collisions and rapidly connect you with emergency services while also allowing you to notify pre-selected contacts.

Notably, earlier this year, a real-life incident underscored the effectiveness of these features, as they helped save an unconscious individual trapped in an overturned vehicle for hours.

This serves as a powerful reminder that these safety features are not mere gimmicks, but rather, essential tools for your well-being.

Furthermore, Google has extended Car Crash Detection to Pixel owners in a few additional countries, making it available to a wider user base.

It’s essential to be aware that Car Crash Detection is supported on Pixel 3 and later models, emphasizing the importance of having compatible devices to access this lifesaving feature.

Crisis Alerts: Stay Informed During Emergencies

Crisis Alerts provide immediate notifications regarding potential natural disasters or public emergencies in your area.

When you activate this feature, you gain access to real-time updates and pertinent information through the Personal Safety app.

This invaluable feature keeps you informed and ready to respond effectively in challenging situations, enabling you to take essential precautions and seek assistance as needed.

In fact, following a recent devastating earthquake in Nepal, numerous users from parts of India reported that they received timely alerts about the nearby earthquake, underscoring the significance of this feature in keeping individuals well-prepared and safe.

Google’s commitment to user security and well-being shines through with these advanced safety features. They empower users to face each day with confidence and peace of mind.

Whether you’re adventuring outdoors or tackling the demands of daily life, Google Pixel phones and watches provide comprehensive safety coverage, ensuring your well-being is always safeguarded.