Samsung Internet Expands It’s Reach, Now Available On Windows

Samsung Internet Now Available On Windows

Published on December 1st, 2023

Here Are 5 Takeaways: Samsung Internet Expands

  • Cross-Platform Syncing
  • Microsoft Store Availability
  • Compatibility and Familiarity
  • Data Import and Browser Integration
  • Customization and Privacy Features

Samsung Internet has extended its presence to Windows PCs, making it compatible with systems running Windows 10 or higher.

Recognizable to those who have used Samsung phones, the browser comes pre-installed on all Samsung Galaxy devices and is now accessible for download on the Microsoft Store, offering a Chromium-based browsing experience.

By signing in with a Samsung account, users can seamlessly sync data between their phone and PC, including open tabs, browsing history, bookmarks, and saved pages.

While the browser currently lacks password syncing, this added functionality may incentivize users to opt for Samsung Internet over other browsers that provide similar cross-device data syncing services.

The browser, weighing approximately 130MB, is compatible with a variety of Windows PCs and laptops, delivering a familiar experience to its Android counterpart.

Users can import data from other browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, further facilitating a smooth transition.

Samsung Internet on Windows supports popular features such as ad blockers and extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Additionally, users can switch between light and dark modes and enjoy private browsing through the incognito mode.

Overall, Samsung Internet on Windows aims to provide a versatile and user-friendly browsing experience.