3 Tricks To Master Search Engine Optimization In 2019

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Published on January 29th, 2019

One of the best things about digital marketing, more particularly online marketing, is that it keeps evolving through the years. This gives the aware ones in the industry a fair chance to mark their existence in today’s competitive era. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no different.

Beginning with well-established facts: A normal user begins his/her search from their search engine and chooses one from the first 5 link results (more than 90% of the time). There are billions (approx 2) of live websites on the Internet today and to be one among those 5 links in the SERPs that a user clicks on (or visits to) must be quite tough. Well, it is!

Google covers a major part of traffic from search engines apart from others like Bing, Yahoo, etc. Google uses more than 200 (secret) factors to decide the ranking of a website using signals like user interaction, loading speed, content relevancy, social signals, and many others. As such, it becomes impossible to target all the ranking factors for your website.

There are a few primary factors you should focus on for search engine optimization of your website in 2019; here is a list.

1. Content Is Still The King

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Content is king; it always has been. But here lies the problem: Every industry is flooded with bloggers and industry experts writing quality blogs. Now, even for Google, it has become quite hard to rank these blogs and that is why video content will gain popularity in 2019. If you are wondering, “why is that?”, here is some food for thought: If you were given a blog of 500-600 words and a 5 mins long video, explaining the same stuff, what would you choose? You have your answer.


2. Social Media Is Important

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Maintaining an authoritative presence on social media affects your website’s ranking in the SERPs is important. If you haven’t started a full-fledged campaign (handles) on social media, you are already late to the party; do it NOW! It is quite dicey whether social signals are used by search engines to rank a website but social media handles improve user interaction, which definitely is a good thing for your website’s ranking.


3. Build A Brand

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In 2019, focus on the branding of your business rather than relying on backlinks and other factors for ranking of your website. Hire SEO experts, digital marketing experts, and others to dominate in the market. Improve consumer interaction, enhance service quality, send out newsletters; so anything and everything that can help with the branding of your business. Branding implicitly increases incoming traffic to your website and it is definitely a plus for the ranking of your website in the SERPs.

There are many such factors you can use to stay ahead of your competitors in 2019. Try your hands on unique ways of marketing to make a mark in the digital world. Learn to evolve with changes through the algorithm updates of search engines. Hire reputed internet marketing agency for search engine optimization of your website, right now!


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AdityaAditya has been working as a digital marketing expert and consultant for over 10 years. He has seen the world of internet marketing evolve from its infancy and has a strong grip on techniques and concepts that help him provide the strongest solutions that provide measurable results. He lives & breathes digital marketing and likes to research and stay up to date on the latest developments and techniques which makes him one of the best marketers around.  Besides marketing, Adi likes to travel and spend quality time with friends and families and participates actively in adventure sports.