17 Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life Which He Never Talks About Unless You Ask Him


Published on August 4th, 2018

A woman wants to know everything about his boyfriend’s life whether it is his past or present. But ladies are you sure about that you can handle all this? Well, you know a little bit about your partner but there are many things which he does not want to share with you.

In spite of your thousand questions, he never reveals his secrets to you. He always tries to move your attention and says “it’s nothing baby”. Every man has something which he does not want to reveal. There are some mysteries hidden in their life.

Secret of Boyfriend

Relationships are not as smooth as that. You have to cross many hurdles in a relationship. There is a proverb “Honesty is the highest form of intimacy”. You have to build your relationship with trust and respect. These two are the main ingredients in a proper relationship.

There are some things which your partner does not want to tell you about. But sometimes it is better for you to not know everything. Some truths can spoil your peace of life.


1. Lending money

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

Lending money from someone and don’t tell about this to your partner is a bad habit. If you and your partner are sharing the funds, it is necessary to tell your partner about your owing money. Every relationship claims the honesty in it. You have to share your this kind of things with your partner. Because your partner has the right to know everything about you.


2. You have a doubt about their effort

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

There are some people who think that their partners are not making enough effort. But they did not reveal it to them. It may be because they are not going to earn money, do not help them in household works and do not take the labour which a relationship needs most. But it is needed to be discussed. The discussion gives you the clarity in your relationship. Because sometimes small issues can be the reason behind your break up.


3. Share your past addiction

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

You need to share your past issues with your partner. Many persons think that there is no need to tell about their past issues to their partner. But it is not true at all. Your partner has the full right to know about your past habits. Maybe they can help you out from that for your better future. There is clarity between you two after sharing all the past addictions, issues and all. This makes your bond stronger.


4. Informed them about your big medical issue

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

There are some expectations in every relationship. If you know very well that you cannot conceive nor have a child, then please do not hide such important issue from your partner. There is a strong emotional attachment related to a child. So hide these things from your partner is not at all healthy for your relationship.


5. Your depressions

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

If you have ever dealt with your depression, go and tell those to your partner. Your partner should know about this. In a case in future, it will happen with you, so that they can help you to get rid out of this issue.


6. Sex life

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

If you have suffered from your sex life then you should discuss it with your partner. Because no one can understand it better than your partner. You will have to spend your whole life with your partner. So you need to simplify your sex life. You have to express what you want. There should be no veil between you and your partner.


7. About your family

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

If there is something very secretive about your parents or family, you need to tell those secrets to your partner. If you are an adopted child or your parents are not living together anymore, it is important for your partner to know about all these things. Your partner needs to know the truth from you only.


8. You are fond of children or not

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

Many women and men do not want to have children during 30s or 40s. They have another plan for their future. They want to settle their life first. If you are planning such things, please tell your partner about them clearly. Because they are your life partner and they need to know this thing at the start of the relationship.


9. Spending structure

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

You have your own right to decide how you spend your money. In a relationship, there is a person who always wants to spend and there is another who always wants to save the fund for the future. But you need to have a proper plan for how you will handle the emergency situation.


10. Your close friend

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

You know very well that cheating is a bad thing. Cheating on an emotional ground is as big as that. So if you are enough close to someone else, please tell about them to your partner. Do not keep her in darkness. There is always a border one in a relationship. Please do not try to cross the line. Everything will fall and ruin if you ever try to do this.


11. Your past relation

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

If you already a divorcee or engaged, you need to inform your partner about them. It is very important for them to know about. You cannot hide such important things from them. It is not expected from a loyal person.


12. Cheated on your ex

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

It may happen that you have cheated on your ex or your ex may be cheated on you. You have to inform all these to your partner. If you are dealing with this mental agony, go and express this to your partner.


13. Point of view

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

Sometimes you have definitely a different point of view which is not similar to your partner. But do not agree with your partner with her smile. It is a silent betrayal. If you are not going to agree with her decision, then tell them directly, do not hide this.


14. The sexual fantasy

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

Sharing makes a relationship more perfect. Please do not hide your sexual fantasies from your partner. They should also know this. By knowing this thing they will understand you in a better way.


15. Sexually transmitted disease

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

If you have the STD, please do not hide about this serious issue from your partner. It can affect your partner’s health as well.


16. Your proud moment

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

You have to share each and every detail of your life with your partner. If there is any secret talent in you, kindly share this with your partner. In this way, your partner also can encourage you about your passion.


17. Private space

Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life

Everyone wants some private space. They cannot accept your presence at that time. This is their alone time. You should give your partner some private space. It is necessary for you also to have the same. It strengthens your relationship.