20 Websites To Sell Your eBook

Sell Your eBook

December 6th, 2019   |   Updated on March 11th, 2021

As per a famous saying, “In case you are great at something, never do it for free.” In the event that you’re a specialist in a specific area, at that point, there is no suffering in sharing your insight to earn money.

Furthermore, in the present world, where almost everyone is connected to the internet, one extraordinary approach to do so is to write and sell your e-book.

However, in this case, you have to ensure you come up with high-quality content and afterward set a reasonable selling price.

Creating quality stuff is entirely up to you, though, for the price and publishing, there are several services accessible online that can help you out.

With the advent of technology, it is conceivable to publish the book without going through a tiring process.

Alluded to as self-publishing, the procedure is like printing a physical book, yet without the expenses related to paper and printing.

In the event that you have a book that is fit to be printed, you should simply get in touch with e-book publishers, and you get yourself a better beginning.

Moreover, due to apparently a substantial number of online publishers, the following step to manage would be to settle on a website to sell your e-book.

Probably the most ideal approach to sell your e-book is by beginning with an affiliate program. With the use of an affiliate program, you can let different marketers help you with selling an e-book.

In this article, you will find ‘’ 20 Websites to Sell Your eBook,’’ alongside taking care of the irksome transaction process.

1. Payhip


The platform is basically e-commerce; however, it lets you sell any type of downloadable digital material, which likewise includes e-books.

With the help of a customizable page, you are equipped with tools that are required to sell your stuff, along with flexible pricing options. The website will just keep 5% of all the sales you make.

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2. Booktango


In case you are looking for a free e-book publisher, at that point, this could turn out to be an ideal option for you. The platform equips you with all the required tools intended for distributing and publishing.

Writers who are registered can utilize the platform to transfer their original copy, change it to the required format, and afterward distribute it to a range of e-book shops.

As soon as a book is published, the website makes the title accessible to significant retailers. Writers who publish on this platform will receive 100% sold through the e-publisher’s bookstore.

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3. Amazon Kindle Direct Publish

Amazon Kindle Direct Publish

Amazon, without a doubt the biggest online store, and you can without much of a stretch publish your e-book for free.

Obviously, you will get an immense response on Amazon, and you get the opportunity to keep up to 70% of the total amount.

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4. Nook Press

nook press

The platform lets you self-publish an e-book online and serves independent authors and publishers. It lets writers write tasks, edit and format their original copy.

The platform is powered by Barnes & Noble and is additionally a no-cost self-publishing alternative. The website equips you with comprehensive distribution, visibility, and security.

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5. Blurb


You can access dependable tools to make that ideal e-book. You can pick from different available layouts, such as reflowable or fixed.

The platform will also automatically format the book for you in your desired format. As a result, you can sell your e-book to various markets.

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6. Smashwords


The platform is amongst the biggest indie distributors and publishers of the e-book, and sells multi-format e-books.

With the use of this platform, writers can publish their work at various locations. There are a range of features, for example, free ISBNs, e-book conversion, unrestricted updates, and selective selling and marketing tools.

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7. Lulu


The best part here is that the website offers a comprehensive instruction with regards to perfectly formatted e-books and afterward change them into other required platforms.

In the event that you can’t do it yourself, at that point, the website additionally offers help in this regard for a small fee.

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8. EBookIt!


The website equips you with a considerable number of features along with converting, publishing, promoting, and distributing to major retailers.

As soon as you sign up, you will require to convert the file into the appropriate format.

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9. Tradebit


The website offers similar features to Payhip. It allows you to create a sales page, and afterward, you can sell your e-book.

On the other hand, you can sell any other downloadable material. Affiliate program, custom price, social media integration are amongst prominent features.

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10. ClickBank


The platform enables writers to sell their valuable material in the form of an e-book online.

Through their effective e-commerce system, authors can have the benefit of the uninterrupted automated payment system.

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11. Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Writing Life

The website is extremely simple to utilize and acts as a self-publishing platform. The website allows you to publish your e-book by following some simple steps and within a short time.

Your books will be published to millions of users based on the fact that Kobo Writing Life has a huge fan following.

The website charges no fee for creating and publishing e-books; however, it takes a commission on each sale.

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12. iUniverse


The website is a self-publishing platform that allows authors to reach their destination to become published authors.

By using this website, you are equipped with several professional features that come with any customary publishing website. The list of prominent features includes editorial, design, production, and marketing.

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13. Scribd


The website offers paid reading services that include e-book hosting and other comparative content that people can read with a membership.

At the point, people will read your book online, and you will be paid as it was sold to them. Though, you can just subscribe to utilizing its affiliate organizations.

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14. AuthorHouse UK Publishing Services

AuthorHouse UK Publishing Services

For authors looking to publish their e-book in the UK, this UK-based e-book publishing company could turn out to be useful.

The website furnishes authors with a wide variety of features and services that help writers to settle on a decision as per their prerequisites and to hold rights, keep editorial control, and decide on the specific services.

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15. PayLoadz


You can likewise take the benefit of useful tools with regards to hosting and selling your e-books online. The features equip you with an encrypted download page, shareable buttons, e-books listed in auctions, and affiliate programs.

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16. InstantPublisher


The platform possesses comprehensive service and self-publishing features that are useful for writers in terms of getting their work published.

A branch of Fundcraft Publishing, the website likewise publishes e-books that can be read on different types of gadgets, for example:

  • Kindle
  • iPad
  • iPhone

An ISBN can be assigned for $159.99. The website offers two royalty varieties, the yearly plan to list on both Amazon and iTunes and the Per Book Plan (10% of your royalties), which gives the writer a chance to settle on what alternative will be best.

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17. Wasteland Press

wasteland press

You will get a vast range of publishing plans by using this self-publishing organization. The plans incorporate the following:

  • Online distribution by means of Amazon as well as Barnesandnoble
  • The size could go up to 25 MB in color pictures all through the e-book
  • 70% royalty on any money received for the sale of the e-book
  • Free e-book formatting
  • Moreover, you can get the following publishing plans:
  • Kindle plan ($200)
  • Nook plan ($150)

Esupreme plan (distributing plan for e-books to be made accessible on both nook and kindle) – $345
The website gives a range of prices with an aim to let the author decide the price.

It takes around 24-72 hours to convert a print book to an e-book format after payment of an e-book plan.

It takes another 24-48 hours to make an e-book accessible via Amazon and Barnes & Noble as soon as converted into an appropriate format.

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18. E-Junkie


In the form of this website, you can get another platform equipped with wide-ranging features to host your e-books.

The website does all the difficult work intended for selling them for you. You have an option to make a selling page for your e-books and make use of effective controls such as:

  • Oversee inventory
  • Different payments support
  • Affiliate programs
  • Protected storage
  • Create a package
  • Discount offers
  • Google analytics, and so on.

You will be charged monthly, dependent on your requirements.

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19. Myebook


The website lets users make, publish and share downloadable content. With the help of a free service, you can publish e-books with just a few clicks along with incorporating links and embed audios, videos, documents, and pictures to make e-books that are totally collaborative.

As soon as the e-book is done, the book is ready to be published publicly or privately. Moreover, you have options over setting it to whether readers can add comments or share.

As soon as the book is published, it is included in the website library, where there are alternatives to share across social networks or embedded at different websites.

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20. CreateSpace


It is another self-publishing platform that furnishes writers with free features to help them in publishing e-books and distribute them across prominent stores.

The website is a member of the Amazon group and offers free and simple features, for example:

  • Interior Reviewer
  • Cover Creator
  • Image Gallery
  • Preview

The tools are there to equip authors with comprehensive features related to a wide range of aspects. You don’t need to bear membership or title setup fee. Moreover, you will have a flexible royalty model.

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