Serena Williams Would Like To Introduce Her Baby Daughter To Internet

Tennis superstar Serena Williams missed the U.S. Open this week, but still managed to win big. Williams gave birth to her daughter with Reddit co-founder and fiancée Alexis Ohanian. Now, Williams has shared the first photo of the baby girl on Instagram and she is cuter than any Wimbledon trophy or Australian Open title.



While Williams’s sister, Venus, accidentally spilled the beans on the child’s gender back in May, Williams’s Instagram post revealed the baby’s name and it may sound vaguely familiar. Williams and Ohanian decided to name their daughter after her father, calling her Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr.

Serena’s abs have always been on fleek.

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No need to fix your bikini bottom Serena, you’re flawless.



Serena hugs onto her famous cakes.

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Even in a splash of color, we can’t keep our eyes off Serena’s curves.

williams serena


If you got a bangin’ bod and you know it, put your hands up.

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Serena keeps it classy as the lady in red.



Serena flaunts her rockin’ bikini body.

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Curves on fleek.

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Serena knows all the right ways to stay slim and trim.

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Serena’s got the body of a goddess.

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If anyone’s got a famous donk, it’s definitely Serena.

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Fellas, make sure you don’t drool too much.

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Girl, you be killin’ em.

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Clearly, Serena woke up like this.

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So much booty with so much glamour.

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Serena can go from tomboy to lady real quick.

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Serena flaunts her summer body.

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Check out those killer abs.

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Serena’s backside is one we could peek at all day.

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Serena brings some life to that cheetah print.

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Firsts Serena Williams

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