30 Photos Of Service Dogs That Capture Their Incredible Loyalty

Service Dogs

Published on March 4th, 2017

Almost as long as wars have been fought dogs have played a part in them, helping us to stay safe thanks to their heightened senses and of course their incredible loyalty to their human companions. Dogs have long been involved in warfare, and their use on the battlefield goes back several thousand years.

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Approximately 5,000 US military dogs served during the Vietnam War, and dogs have been in combat with US soldiers during every major conflict. In homage to these incredible animals, this list of our favorite service dogs in action.

1 Service Dog On A Mission

Service Dogs

2 Military Dog In Training

Service Dogs

3 Police Dogs – Small And Grown Up – Line Up With At Roskilde Cathedral Where The Murdered Danish Police Officer, Jesper Jul, Receives A State Funeral

Military Dog

4 Sleeping Together

Military Dog

5 Senior Airman Tariq Russell Shakes The Paw Of His Partner

Military Dog

6 Military Paratrooper Dog

Paratrooper Dog

7 Naresh Kaushik With His Dog Queena After A Day Of Practice

Service Dogs

8 A Soldier And His Explosive Sniffing Dog Salute

Sniffing Dog

9 U.S. NAVY Petty Officer Blake Soller And His Military Working Dog Rico Pay Tribute To The National War Dog Cemetery

Dog Rico Pay

10 Military Dog Taking A Nap With His Fellow Soldiers


11 A Puppy Saved From A Fire Becomes A Firefighter


12 Labrador Retriever Hawkeye Lays By The Casket During The Funeral Of His Owner, Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson

Labrador Retriever Hawkeye

13 Soldier With His Dog


14 Friends Till Death Do Us Part


15 Army Soldier And His Military Working Dog Jump Off The Ramp Of A CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

Military Working Dog

16 By Your Side No Matter What

By Your Side

17 A Police Dog And Its Trainer Practise Skipping At A Police Dog Training Base

A Police Dog

18 Combat Tracker Dog Lex – Who Loves Attention – Enjoys Some Free Time With His Handler, Marine Lance Corporal, John Peeler

Dog Lex

19 Tech Sgt. Andrew Montgomery Comforts His Dog Diesel Inside An Army UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter

Dog Diesel

20 A Dog Saying Goodbye To His Soldier Friend

Dog Saying Goodbye

21 This Is Corporal Kiddy. She Had Just Earned Her Retirement After 12 Years With The U.S. Marines

U.S. Marines

22 Military Dog “Protecting” Sleeping Soldier At The Airport

Military Dog

23 My Military Working Dog Getting Ready To Bring The Heat

Military Dog

24 Fallen Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis’ Partner Figo Pays His Last Respects

Military Dog

25 Soldier With Her Dog

Soldier With Her Dog

26 Dog Kissing A Soldier

Kissing A Soldier

27 My Coworker With A New Military Attack Dog

Military Attack Dog

28 Sgt. Mark Bush Gets Affectionately Licked By His Dog, Xarius


29 Sergeant Bourgeois Clips Oopey’s Toenails Before A Mission In Afghanistan


30 Lucca, A Retired Us Marine Corp Dog, Has Been Awarded The PDSA Dickin Medal

A Retired Us Marine Corp Dog

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