What Are The Services Provided By A Plumber?


Published on November 27th, 2018

The world is full of people with all sorts of talent. Life gives us an opportunity to prove our ability. Not all five fingers work the same way.

But just because one profession is given importance, it does not mean other professions do not have any importance in life. Every profession has separate importance and is totally incomparable.

Like all other professions, the profession of a plumber has unmatchable importance in everyone’s life. Right from installation of pipes in a house to its maintenance, everything is taken care of by a plumber.

Let Us Discuss Various Services Provided By A Plumber In Brief:

1. Designs

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A plumber plays a prominent role in designing the map layout for pipes, drainage systems, and other such plumbing materials. Even though a house or commercial complex is constructed on the specification given by the owner, a plumber always assists him in putting things in the right fashion which is more practical.

A proper design will save a lot of money, material, and labor. If this homework is not done initially, then the owner of the building will have to repent as there will severe problem due to leakage, and once the construction is over, any sort of repair will only increase the problems, and it will be very difficult to solve the problem.


2. Installation Of Pipes

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Two types of pipes need to be installed during the construction of a house or a commercial complex- one pipe to supply the drinking water and the other is sewage or drainage pipes.

So, based on the requirement, a plumber decides how many pipes are to be installed in the building. A right choice of pipes and its sizes has to be done to support the entire household requirement.


3. Maintenance Of Pipes

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Once the pipes are installed, there is a chance of breakage of pipes due to regular use. So, in such a case the pipes have to be replaced. The most common problem any household faces is leakage of pipes.

This problem is to be rectified soon because whenever the water is lifted into the tank through these pipes, there is a lot of wastage. Once certain glues cover these leakage spots, the wastage of water can be stopped.


4. Clearance Of Clogging In Drainage System

Plumbing System Maintenance

The job of the plumber does not end after installation, if there is any clogging or blockage in sewer pipes or drain pipes, it is the duty of a plumber to rectify.

Any delay in repair will cause unnecessary problems to the occupants residing there. Especially in case of drain pipes, even the surrounding environment is affected if the blockage is not cleared soon.


5. Water Heater Services

Integral Aspects Of A Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

A water heater is an appliance which heats the water required by the household. Not only for residential purposes, even commercial places like restaurants, bakeries, hotels, etc. make use of hot water. The more the requirement of hot water, the more good water heater is demanded. If the manufacturing of water heaters is one big task, on the one hand, its installation and maintenance is equally another big task on the other hand.

There are chances of mishaps happening if the appliance is not installed properly or it is misused the occupants. The usage of the water heater depends on the climatic conditions prevailing in the country. In case of a country which has both hot and cold climates, the water heater is used less in summer, and more in winter as the usage of water heater can be experienced better when the climate is cold. In some countries, there is an extremely cold climate.

For the citizens living there, they require hot water for their daily and routine works like cleaning, washing, etc. So, for them, a water heater plays a major role in their life. Every home has a water heater irrespective of the income level. Normally a water heater works in a simple manner.

When the cold water enters into the tank through the pipes installed, this water is heated either by an electric element or a gas burner. Once the water is heated in the tank, it is used when the faucet is turned open. But how long can it be used? It depends on the usage, but a replacement of the water heater is preferred once it crosses ten years.

Even before that if it does not work properly or its maintenance cost increases, it is advisable to replace the appliance. But one thing is sure that every appliance will undergo a repair if it is not properly maintained. Normally a water heater does not work when there is a problem in the electric wiring or the thermostat breaks etc.

The repair in a water heater can be easily done by a plumber or company providing plu8mbing services. Always choose Water Heater Services by GMPC because of all of your appliances depend on proper installation and maintenance for a safer environment- both interior and exterior.


Basic Skills Of A Plumber – Some Of The Basic Skill A Plumber Should Have Is As Follows:


  • Educational Qualifications: The profession of plumber does not require a hi-fi education. A basic education through which he can communicate with the owner as well the market dealer who sells the plumbing material is sufficient. A plumber should, first of all, understand the homeowner’s requirements and based on that should decide how to implement the owner’s plan. Even though sometimes it becomes problematic in implementing all of the house owners requirements, not all can be followed, the plumber has to match his knowledge with the requirement of the house owner, and suitable solution should be bought to the solve the problem. Since the work is mainly dependent on pipes, a perfect and precise calculation is very much required. So the plumber should be in a position to judge what the tool is he has to use to get the perfect output. But in case he is well educated, it will be an added advantage for him to grasp the knowledge about latest innovations related to plumbing and make use of it in his profession.
  • Communication skills: A plumber should be in a position to convince the house owner in case what is demanded by the house owner is not possible to implement. He should have good oral communication skills. Not only with the house owner, but he may also have to communicate with plumbing material dealer and negotiate the prices of the material. A good product brought at a reasonable rate is always appreciable.
  • Physical Skills: When the issue is about pipes, proper handling of pipes is very important. Not only handling, but the way it is fitted into the place allotted for it also makes a lot of difference. For this plumber should have enough physical strength to hold the tools for a long time. The need for physical strength is more when repair has to be done. In case of a repair, the place of the problem has to be located and then at the particular point, the problem has to be rectified. All this exercise need a lot of patience and energy. The plumber also may have to work in cramped spaces or may have to climb steps lifting the plumbing material and work in extreme climates. He may have to use his hands to measure the pipes (if required) for a long period. So sufficient physical strength is a must.
  • Mental Skills: The plumber should have enough patience to listen to what other person is saying. Who knows the other person is trying to solve your problem. The job of a plumber is very straining because he will have to the job which does not have a good environment for instance clearance of cloggage in drain system, or cleaning of water tanks, he generally won’t have enough energy to listen to anyone after the work is done because all his energy levels will be exhausted. It is in such a situation; his mental skills will be tested. Any sort of misbehavior from his side will disturb the house owner and in future may not opt the plumber from any repairs. Now, this is a huge loss for the plumber. So, to maintain a good rapport in the workplace, he has to stay cool no matter what the situation is. At times a cool mind works better than a disturbed mind, and it is the work you do that earns money for you. A plumber should be dependable and should work in such a way that the work once was taken in completed perfectly. Any sort of incomplete work or shabby work will not give him an opportunity to work in the future. So the work done by a plumber should be complete in all ways.

What is required from a plumber is a service with quality because his job is repetitive in nature no matter how well the things are installed. It is the experience which makes him a perfect plumber apart from knowing the tools used in plumbing services.