She Has A Boyfriend – Now What?

She Has A Boyfriend

January 1st, 2018   |   Updated on July 15th, 2018

You see a charming young lady at the bar. You start making a move by flirting, talking, giving compliments – the usual. However, suddenly, you realize a terrible truth that stops you dead in your tracks: She already has a boyfriend. What do you do? Well, whether you’ve actually met this girl at a local bar or you’ve stumbled upon a fine piece on a cougar dating site, there are actually a few methods you can try in order to get the odds in your favor.

She Has A Boyfriend

Remember – nothing guarantees that you’re being told the truth. The only way to figure out if the girl actually does have a boyfriend is be observant and patient, as you will see in the following examples.

Greatness Lies Within

Numerous men take this as a major issue and promptly proceed onward, either to the following young lady or to the following area. Yet, that isn’t always the best idea you could have. There are a bigger number of chances here than you may know, and we are here to clarify what they are.

Much of the time this really is an indication to get on your way, or it’s an indication that she may be search for nothing more than a companion.

In case you’re fine with that, you ought to enter the “patience is a virtue” mode. Be tenacious and sufficiently certain, and she might conceivably acquaint you with one of her single companions. Even more so, there are many couples which have met at the point where one or both of them were in a relationship with someone else, or in other words – you never know!

Player 2 has Entered the Game

Just like it is in many romantic comedy flicks, so can life sometimes lead us to a situation when a girl wants to trick us into believing that she’s already taken only to see just how badly we want her. These situations are not extremely often, but they most certainly do happen.

Keep an eye out on girls you’re flirting with which state that they have a boyfriend but, nevertheless, keep flirting back with you. There’s a good chance that you have a “playing hard to get” chick on your hands, so try to stick around to figure out what exactly lies behind that famous sentence.

The Simple Truth

On the off chance that persistence isn’t one of your better qualities, simply drop the entire thing. Whatever the genuine truth behind her “I have a boyfriend” line may be, that sentence is usually completely justified by something.

She’s not trying to see how far you will go to get her, she’s basically disclosing to you she’s simply not intrigued. If you have even the slightest feeling like this might be the case, try not to waste too much of your precious time on an unreachable goal when you can spend that time on a very reachable and possibly one that lies just around the corner.

To put it as bluntly as possible: pleasantly wish her a good day and continue with your life.