Essential Gifs That Explain Sheldon Cooper Perfectly

sheldon-cooper Gifs

Published on June 17th, 2017

Sheldon Cooper is a popular character in the hit television show Big Bang Theory. He is the ambiguous leader of a group of nerd friends, who’s mouth may be the only thing larger than his brain. Here are 15 essential Gifs that explain Sheldon Cooper perfectly.

1. Knock knock knock.

sheldon gif


2. It’s all about the smarts.

big bang theory gif


3. He tends to have a soft spot for cats.

bazinga gif


4. He’s above it all.

big bang theory series


5. The catch phrase.

sheldon cooper smile


6. The line to end all lines.

big bang theory show


7. The nonverbal version of “Bless your heart.”

big bang theory tv show


8. Superheroes galore.

the big bang theory tv show


9. A running commentary.

sheldon cooper there there gif

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10. In Spock we trust.

big bang theory tv


11. And without a doubt, he’s always just done.

the big bang theory


12. The horrer……..

big bang gif


13. shhh dude!

the big bag theory


14. Goos luck

sheldon smile gif


15. its so crazy..

big bang series

source : playbuzz.com, animatedmeme.blogspot.in