Shopping For Girls: 4 Strategies To Teach Body Positivity When Shopping

Duty Free Shopping

Published on March 5th, 2019

Shopping for girls is difficult. Fashion brands dictate clothing for certain body types. Here are some strategies parents can teach girls about body positivity.

You may wonder why body positive messages have started to circulate around the web. The reason is that there are many women who struggle with body image, which trickles down to young people. As a result, almost 80 percent of girls start worrying about weight at age 10.


There is something you can do about it, though. And it starts with shopping for girls.

Teaching Body Positive Messages Through Shopping for Girls

As a parent, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions that help your children. Let teaching a healthy way to shop be one of them.

1. Sense Of Style

When your child picks out something they like at the store, you might not always agree. But one of the best ways for your children to develop self-confidence is to have a unique sense of style.

The more you hone that in your child, the less likely they will be to give into peer pressure. So, while looking at girls clothes, encourage her sense of self. It might surprise you what she picks out on her own.

If she picks out something you don’t feel comfortable with, talk with her about it. You might come up with a compromise.


2. Be A Good Example

Duty Free Shopping

A lot of people struggle with self-confidence and positive feelings about their bodies. Men and women alike feel uncomfortable.

But, the best thing you can do while shopping with your children is to show them how it’s done. That sounds daunting, right? Yet, how do you expect them to overcome the cycle of body hate if you cant’?

When trying on clothes, avoid using language that puts yourself down. Don’t comment on your body flaws, or what you think makes the clothing not look right. Talk about the logistics of the clothing, what you do and don’t like about the style.


3. Overt Advertisements

No matter where you go, your children are going to see sexualized advertisements. It’s tempting to make them avert their eyes. But communication works much better than pretending it doesn’t exist.

When your daughter sees the lingerie, don’t tell her it’s bad. Talk to her about why it’s important to love yourself no matter what you’re wearing. And that some things are better for when she’s older.

Makeup culture in the mall can also be a difficult thing for your children to avoid. Posters tell them all the reasons they need lipstick or mascara. Again, don’t rush them past these so they can’t see.

Kids come up with all kinds of thoughts when you aren’t honest with them. Tell your daughter that makeup is fun, but emphasize that it isn’t necessary.


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You can’t leave your child’s body confidence to chance. You have to take charge and teach them the value of loving their bodies to the fullest. Shopping for girls clothes is one of the best ways to put these beliefs into practice.

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