God Of War Viking Axe

Viking Axe
God Of War Viking Axe is a two-handed war axe that is Kratos' main offensive weapon in God of War. Sizes: Length of the handle: 100 cm (39.39") Length of the axe head: 31 cm (12.21") Length of a working blade (bigger): 23 cm (9.06") length of a working blade (smaller): 11 cm (4.33"). the handle has a leather stripe on it to feel it securely in a hand. The handle is a replica of that from the primary photo of the listing carved with a dragon on the top of the handle. The axe head has the artistic runic etching. The blades are blunt in order to facilitate export customs clearance in Ukraine. But you can sharpen it afterwards. The steel axe head is lacquered 4. The actual colour of the leather can have some slight difference in a color 5. The axe handle can have some slight difference in color 6. The axe head can have some slight unevenesses due to hand work.

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