A Short Guide On Skateboarding And Some Quick Tricks For Beginners

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Published on November 24th, 2018

Sports, since time immemorial, have served as a means of recreation for people all across the world. Today, it is one of the fastest growing industries that connects every sports lover. One of the very creative and popular action sports is skateboarding. They say ‘skateboarding is about putting imagination and ideas into action”.

Indeed, in skateboarding, your only limitation is your creativity of imaginations. A simple sport that needs a flat board with four wheels attached to it and a risk-loving, creative and imaginative athlete, who is ready to ride on it.

The types of skateboards are numerous, and so are the tricks and styles of skateboarding. Started as a means of recreation, skateboarding is now a flourishing industry and the Olympics organization.

1. Why Is Skateboarding Popular?

Skateboarding from r/hotactresspics

The unique selling proposition or the USP of this sport are the tricks a skateboarder can perform. Whether you push it at the back to elevate your whole body or you simply perform tricks in the air, whether you flip your skateboard or make use of benches or handrails, you have all the liberty. Again, when it comes to types of skateboarding, the sky is the limit. Since there cannot be any end to imagination, there cannot be an end to the styles of skateboarding.

Starting from the freestyle, where a skateboarder dances on a skateboard on some music tune, you can choose to zip through obstacles or ride on a skateboard on a downhill slope. A great means of transporting oneself, you can use it on pavements or busy streets or if you love to take risks and want to be known for some of your risky tricks, then go for vertical skateboarding where you can skateboard on vertical ramps.

Depending on your age, abilities, and convenience, choose your style of a skateboard at Longboards are for transporting you from one place to another while shortboards are for doing tricks. Cruiser boards help in navigating around while pennyboard is small in size and hence, designed to enable greater mobility.


2. A Few Tricks And Tips

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If You Want To Learn Skateboarding, Know These Following Quick Tricks And Tips:

  • It is crucial for you to get comfortable with that board. Start with getting a grip on the board, take small steps, find ways to balance your body and then, keep practicing. The more you ride on it, the more you start getting comfortable with it. Know how to step on it and balance both your feet. While the front foot gets you the balance you require, the one behind steers the skateboard in motion. Tip: try balancing on the skateboard on grass or carpet at home.
  • Once you know how to position your feet, start with a downhill wherein you can slide down. It helps in assessing your balance and grip. Then, start with lesser crowded places such as parking areas, pavements, parks and streets that are less frequented by pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Slowly, try moving in faster speed, turning the board and then try riding onto bumps. It improves your core balance.

The only key to any effort towards perfection is practice. So keep skateboarding to learn skateboarding!