Catch Happy Moments Of This Siberian Husky Puppy Born Without Paws On Wheelchair


September 28th, 2016   |   Updated on September 30th, 2016

She is definitely a special one, a Siberian husky puppy. But what makes her so special. She was born with no paws on her legs, and walking was an impossible proposition.

She issues with her hips as well, and she could’t even stand for more than a few moments. She was born with congenital abnormalities, no paws on all four legs. And, life was not easy to her.



She is Maya. Maya, the husky puppy, and her life changed with the arrival of her new owner, Kit. Kit adopted her and brought her a special wheelchair for Maya.siberian-puppy-maya


Let’s scroll down to look at some of the high-spirited moments of this frisky and strong pup and who likes to play with a ball, spend time with her puppy friend and loves sleeping.

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