Top Signs That Someone Is Visibly Intoxicated

Top Signs That Someone Is Visibly Intoxicated

Published on May 7th, 2018

As a bartender, part of your responsibility is making sure that your customers are not abusing the alcohol you’re serving. And, while it’s fine for people to have a good time (and even get a little rowdy), you should know from your Utah food handler training that when people start showing visible signs of intoxication, it’s time to cut them off so they can be safe.

Top Signs That Someone Is Visibly Intoxicated

Not everyone in the world feels the need to drink. However, today we’re going to share with you the top signs someone is visibly intoxicated so the next time you find yourself serving up beer, wine, and spirits to those that do enjoy their alcohol, you’ll be able to tell when they’ve had enough.

1. Flushed Face

Many times when someone has had one too many cocktails, their face will flush red. In fact, a flushed face may signal high blood pressure. This is because once the alcohol starts to break down in your system, your blood pressure drops significantly because of the downer effect alcohol has on your body.

But, as the alcohol starts to leave your system, your body tries to get back to pre-alcohol blood pressure levels and can spike the pressure in an effort to get there faster. That’s why stopping someone who has a red face from continuing to drink will halt this drastic change in blood pressure from repeating itself.

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2. Aggressive Behavior

Bar fights are so cliché that seeing a bar fight scene in a movie is actually normal. However, in real life, aggressive behavior is also a sign that someone has ingested too much alcohol.

For the safety of the drinker, and your other bar patrons, it’s important to stop someone who is getting increasingly aggressive from ordering another beer.

3. Lack of Coordination

Another common side effect of being visibly intoxicated is the inability to control one’s body. In other words, if you seem someone stumbling around, there’s a good chance they’ve reached their alcohol limit for the night.

If someone reaches this point, their risk for more serious health problems (such as alcohol poisoning) increase. And, while it may be somewhat out of your control to stop this from ever happening in your bar, being able to notice these signs before they get out of hand helps you cut someone off before they endanger their health, or their pride.


4. Strange Conduct

Talking loudly, slurring speech, ranting and raving, excessive flirting, and flailing arms are all signs that someone may have had one too many drinks. And while this kind of behavior is not exactly dangerous, it is annoying to other people trying to enjoy their night out.

If you notice someone acting strangely, it is time to cut them off before complete inebriation sets in and something bad happens.

Although you can never be fully responsible for the actions of others while they drink in your bar, it is important you know how to tell when someone is visibly intoxicated so you can prevent bad situations from playing out as a result of someone being too drunk to function.