4 Signs Your Ex is Still Into You

Signs Your Ex is Still Into You

February 6th, 2018   |   Updated on February 28th, 2023

Breaking up with someone isn’t necessarily permanent because sometimes you need a break from them to figure out what you had in front of you. If you still have feelings for an ex, it can be frustrating and frightening because you may not know if they still care for you as well.

Here are four signs that can tell you whether your ex still harbors feelings for you.

1. They Keep in Touch

Unless a couple shares custody of a child or works together, once they split, they don’t usually stay in touch with one another. However, if your ex occasionally calls or texts to see how you are, they may be sending a subtle message that they still care about you.

Keep in Touch

If you’ve been wondering about going on a date or hanging out with him or her to see if the sparks are still present, their staying in touch with you could be a sign they want to spend time with you too. From there, you can let whatever happens happen.

2. Brings Up Good Memories

Brings Up Good Memories

When you speak with your ex, and they are constantly bringing up the good times you had together, it could be a sign that they miss you. They may regret the way things ended and yearn to give the relationship another try.

If you want to get back together with your ex, going down memory lane can remind you of how good you can be together. Sometimes absence does make the heart grow fonder and remembering the good times can renew your feelings for each other.

3. They Flirt with You

You know how your ex flirts, that’s probably how they won you over the first time. So, when they start flirting again, you can recognize it and respond in kind. Their flintiness is a good indication that he or she is still interested in you and wants to get together again.

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4. Dating a Version of You

Dating a Version of You

Sometimes people will end up dating a different version of the person they still love. If he starts dating someone with your physical appearance, habits, or who is interested in the same things you are, they may be trying to replace you with someone else.

Imitation is supposed to be the best form of flattery, but he could be dating someone like you to make you jealous. If it is working, and you want him back too, consider having a chat with your ex to see if getting back together is a possibility.

If you’re still in love with your ex and feel that breaking up was a mistake, you can work on getting him or her back.

However, if you’re not sure that they feel the same, look for some of these signs that show they are as interested in reuniting and building a better relationship with you as well.