Is November Too Early For Christmas Decorations? This Six-foot Tall Gingerbread Creation Tells A Different Story

Christmas Decorations

November 11th, 2016   |   Updated on October 28th, 2022

Is November too early for Christmas decoration?

Perhaps Not. The London-based bakers Biscuiteers  have created an entirely edible model of grand Waddesdon Manor made entirely from gingerbread.

Culinary wizards from confectionery company spent more than 500 hours hand-sculpting an intricate six foot tall model of grand Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire for the stately home’s Christmas display.

The incredible model required 240 eggs and 216 kilos of icing, and recreates in meticulous detail some of the most opulent of the manor’s 45 rooms.

1. An exact replica of of grand Waddesdon Manor entirely out of gingerbread

2. The confectionery company used 240 eggs and 216kgs of icing to recreate the most opulent rooms in the Buckinghamshire building. Pictured: The luxurious main dining room

3. The opulent dining room set up for dinner, complete with floral displays

4. The opulent State bedroom (pictured in real life) featured an ornate cabinet as well as many detailed textile finishes

5. The bakers recreated the threads on the carpet using incredibly intricate piped icing detail, as seen here

6. One of the rooms recreated in the model, the white Portico Room , once hosted Winston Churchill who chose it because it had a balcony where he could smoke his cigars

7. The detail in each of the rooms is extraordinary with even the fine art seen on the wall reimagined in icing

8. The  company spent over a year planning the amazing construction of the opulent building

9. Construction began on the biscuit manor in September and the building will go on display to the public today

10. The clock tower centrepiece is easily the most complicated element in the biscuit reimagning of the East Gallery

11. Construction of the edible model took more than 500 working hours

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12. Miniature gingerbread biscuits make up the ornaments and carriage clock on the fireplace of the drawing room

13. Bakers also selected the snooker room  to be immortalised in gingerbread and icing

14. The bakers used larger, sturdier gingerbread pieces to help support the billiard table in the red games room

15. The gingerbread creation forms the centrepiece of Waddesdon Manor’s Christmas display throughout the festive season

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