Know More About The Features And Advantages Of Spyzie

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August 1st, 2018   |   Updated on August 11th, 2018

Parental control tool is very important for an individual’s kids, if he is using very frequently of internet and smart phones. Parents always wants to monitor their kids and make avoid them from faceing such problems like internet harassment, blackmailing, predators and addiction. Every time monitoring manually is not possible so this type of monitoring app is become more useful. Spyzie is one of the most effective app with all good features.

Spyzie-Parental Control App_1

Spyzie is the best remote controlling and monitoring app, which is specially made for the children and young teens. Including normal calls monitoring, SMS/MMS, internet and social media everything can be track able. If user wants to block some of app or make child use in limited way even that can be done.

Features of Spyzie app:

Spyzie Parental Control App is very popular because of its good features, which are described below:

  • Monitor social media: in this recent trends, all kids are using social media very frequently, to save them from online threads Spyzie helps to monitor them, especially their chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and much more.
  • Capture real-time screenshorts: In Android phone, it helps to capture real time screenshorts and can be monitor the dashboard but make sure that internet must be active. It will also show previous screenshort.
  • Geo-fencing: It is having geo-fencing features through that an individual can keep track of the device. Through this individual can track the current location of children, employees, spouses, and so on. Even the previous location also can be able to track through this app.
  • Record calls and sounds:Spyzie makes all calls (incoming and outgoing)recorded and it will get saved but device must be turned on and also needs to click ‘record surround’ button. It also shows the missed calls, unknown number calls, etc.
  • Call logs: This app helps to see all call logs of the monitored device and parent can easily track if any special one have been talking to.
  • Keylogger:Keylogger helps the individual to get to know what the monitor person is typing, what is the password, typing message, etc.

Some other features are also can be track like videos, messages, browser history, contacts, photos, notes, and much more.

Pros of the Spyzie app:

Spyzie-Parental Control App_1

There are so many advantages of this app, which are following below:

  1. It can be installed in Android version, iOS version phones.
  2. It also can help to track andmonitor device by login from other computer, laptop, tablet, and phone with internet.
  3. Targeted person can not come to know because it has stealth mode option which is an unique features of this app.
  4. To install the application no need to do jailbreak.
  5. Online demo version also is available to make Spyzie easy.

This Phone monitor app provides free installation for some days, after that if individual like it they need to installed the premium version one. This app will provide correct information compaire to other app. So this is the best app.