Starfield’s Diverse Cities And Their Offerings

Starfield Diverse Cities

Published on September 22nd, 2023

Starfield’s cities are pivotal locations in the game, featuring prominent settlements such as New Atlantis, Akila City, Neon, and the Key. These metropolises play central roles in the storyline, making them likely destinations for those following the game’s main narrative.

However, for intrepid explorers, the option to venture to these cities beforehand and uncover their mysteries exists, fitting perfectly with your role as an explorer.

Apart from these four major cities, Starfield boasts a plethora of other towns and settlements, offering a wide spectrum of experiences. These range from remote outposts in desolate landscapes to opulent hotels and company-owned towns with all the corporate polish.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the major cities in Starfield, detailing their locations and what awaits curious travelers within their boundaries.

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Top Picks For Exploring In Starfield: Cities And Settlements

In Starfield, there are four major cities that hold significant importance within the game’s narrative:

  • New Atlantis: Located on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System, it serves as the headquarters for the United Colonies and the Constellation.
  • Akila City: Situated on Akila in the Cheyenne System, it serves as the headquarters for the Freestar Rangers.
  • Neon: Found on Volii Alpha in the Volii System, Neon serves as the headquarters for Ryujin Industries.
  • The Key: This is a space station headquarters for the Crimson Fleet Pirates, orbiting around Suvorov in the Kryx System.

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In addition to these major cities, there are several other noteworthy settlements in Starfield:

  • Cydonia: A mining town with a shady reputation located on Mars in the Sol System.
  • New Homestead: A settlement on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, dedicated to preserving humanity’s history and heritage.
  • Hopetown: A company town established by the starship-manufacturing corporation Hopetech on Polvo in the Valo System.
  • Gagarin Landing: A manufacturing town located on Gagarin in the Alpha Centauri System, known for its challenging circumstances.
  • Paradiso: A large hotel situated on Porrima II in the Porima System, offering luxurious accommodations for travelers.

The major cities in Starfield play a crucial role as the primary hubs for some of the major factions within the game’s universe.

While it’s true that you can encounter representatives and members of these factions scattered throughout the galaxy, the cities serve as the focal points where you can directly interact with these factions, join them, and receive missions and quests related to their respective storylines.

In essence, if you’re interested in becoming a part of one of these factions or delving deeper into their narratives, visiting the designated major city associated with that faction is essential.

These cities act as central hubs where you can immerse yourself in the faction’s culture, politics, and missions, allowing you to engage more deeply with the faction’s storylines and objectives.

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There are numerous smaller settlements waiting to be uncovered by players. While these settlements may not match the scale of the major cities, they are scattered throughout the explorable planets within the Starfield star systems.

You can identify star systems with settlements of any size by the distinctive white symbol resembling several rectangles, which serves as a beacon guiding you to populated worlds.

With this in mind, let’s delve into the four major cities you should familiarize yourself with below:

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New Atlantis:

New Atlantis

  • Faction(s): United Colonies, Constellation
  • Planet: Jemison
  • System: Alpha Centauri

New Atlantis serves as the central hub for two pivotal factions in Starfield: Constellation, the primary storyline faction focused on exploration, and the United Colonies. Players will frequently return to New Atlantis throughout the main plot. Notably, New Atlantis stands out as not only the largest city within Starfield but also represents the most expansive urban environment ever created by Bethesda in their games, as of the current writing.

Things To Do In New Atlantis:

Other than its role as a central location for key story quests within the Constellation faction, New Atlantis offers another intriguing opportunity for players. Here, you have the option to enlist in the UC Vanguard, a faction of peacekeepers.

By joining the UC Vanguard, players can effectively take on the role of a space law enforcement officer, commonly referred to as a “space cop.”

This means that if you’re drawn to the idea of maintaining order, upholding the law, and dealing with various challenges and conflicts across the galaxy, signing up for the UC Vanguard in New Atlantis can provide you with an engaging gameplay experience.

It offers a unique path for players interested in the law enforcement aspect of the Starfield universe, allowing them to actively participate in maintaining peace and order in the game’s vast and dynamic world.

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Akila City:

Akila City Starfield Diverse Cities

  • Faction(s): Freestar Collective
  • Planet: Akila
  • System: Cheyenne

Akila City serves as the headquarters for the Freestar Collective faction, embodying the essence of the “space western” fantasy. This dusty settlement on the planetary plains mirrors the final frontier, where individual liberty takes precedence.

Historically, the Freestar Collective and United Colonies have been at odds, but as players begin their journey in the game, there appears to be a cautious and somewhat distant peace between them.

This peaceful coexistence is essential because Akila City faces the constant challenge of defending itself against the planet’s prehistoric predators – the formidable wolf-like creatures known as the Ashta.

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Things To Do In Akila City:

Akila City’s primary attraction lies in the Freestar Rangers, a faction of space cowboys that players have the opportunity to join.

By becoming a member of the Freestar Rangers, players can engage in thrilling activities, such as hunting pirates in space and across various worlds.

Additionally, the city offers missions that involve addressing the local threat posed by the Ashta, as well as opportunities to operate on both sides of the law.

This multifaceted experience in Akila City provides players with a range of adventures and challenges to undertake.


Neon Starfield Diverse Cities

  • Faction(s): Ryujin Industries
  • Planet: Volii Alpha
  • System: Volii

Neon exists within the territory of the Freestar Collective, but it stands as a distinct and independent entity. This glitzy metropolis is primarily governed by a consortium of corporations and industries that funded its inception. Among these corporations, two key players have taken the lead in shaping Neon’s identity.

Initially, Neon was conceived by the Xenofresh Corporation as a massive fishing platform, intended for a different purpose altogether. However, it was Ryujin Industries that transformed Neon into a thriving settlement after the discovery of a powerful drug known as Aurora.

This shift in focus allowed Neon to evolve from its original purpose into a bustling city where corporate interests, entertainment, and the allure of Aurora converge to create a unique and vibrant urban experience within the Freestar Collective’s domain.

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Things To Do In Neon:

Neon in Starfield represents the game’s venture into the cyberpunk genre, offering players the quintessential experience associated with megacorporations and cyberpunk settings. The standout attraction for players in Neon is undoubtedly Ryujin Industries, whose headquarters are situated here.

Players have the opportunity to align with Ryujin Industries and embark on a career in industrial espionage, immersing themselves in the intrigue and corporate espionage that define the genre.

Neon features a diverse array of shops and stores that notably lack stringent regulation. This environment allows players with ample credits to indulge in high-end and rare goods, providing an opportunity for those with a taste for luxury and unique items to spend their wealth.

The Key:

The Key Starfield Diverse Cities

  • Faction(s): Crimson Fleet Pirates
  • Planet: Space Station in orbit around Suvorov
  • System: Kryx

The Key is a former United Colonies (UC) prison space station that has been seized and repurposed by the Crimson Fleet Pirates as their central headquarters. It functions as a substantial settlement where the pirates engage in trade, exchange information, and coordinate their illicit schemes. Unlike other cities in Starfield, The Key is generally unwelcoming to outsiders.

However, players interested in gaining the trust and assistance of the Crimson Fleet Pirates can refer to a guide on how to join their ranks. Once players establish themselves as allies, they gain access to the inner workings of The Key.

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Things To Do In The Key:

The Key serves multiple important functions for players in Starfield. Firstly, it acts as a hub for acquiring missions directly from the Crimson Fleet.

Whether you’re operating within the boundaries of the law or acting as an undercover agent, The Key is where you can secure assignments from this notorious pirate faction.

These missions can range from illegal activities to covert operations, providing players with a variety of challenges and opportunities.

Secondly, The Key plays a crucial role in the realm of contraband smuggling within Starfield. It serves as a valuable source for obtaining rare ship components essential for carrying out contraband smuggling activities. These components are crucial for players engaged in this illicit trade, allowing them to modify and enhance their ships for the task.

Finally, The Key serves as a marketplace where players can offload and profit from contraband or stolen goods they acquire during their adventures. It acts as a convenient pawnshop, providing players with a means to convert their ill-gotten gains into valuable resources or currency.

Overall, The Key is a central location that facilitates various facets of piracy, trade, and mission acquisition within the Starfield universe.

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