5 Practices To Aid You In Starting A CRM Match Program


Published on June 13th, 2018

Reaching the right audience is good for your business. Actually, it is good for everything. You may have a great message or a great product, but the audience is wrong. Imagine trying to sell baby formula to pet owners.

Starting A CRM Match Program

A lot of time is spent putting together the right message to reach your audience. You put all your creative geniuses on the job to develop the perfect message.

How do you ensure that the audience that receives this painstakingly prepared message is the right one? Fortunately, the digital channels have one-on-one communication across them that target specific audiences.

The CRM Match Program has made a lot possible in the business world. You can use the rich 1st party CRM data across social platforms, and even Search to get in touch with your customers. CRM software is widely used by brands and marketers for this very purpose.

Display Takes A Crm List That Includes:

  •  Addresses
  •  Phone Numbers
  •  Emails

Brands and marketers use these to target particular customers with adverts which can be personalized depending on how recent and how frequently purchases are made.

Finding The Perfect Match

Inding The Perfect Match - Starting A CRM Match Program

Marketers find the perfect match by:


1. Testing Across The Platforms.

finding perfect match - Starting A CRM Match Program

There are so many search engines and social networks that businesses and marketers can use to find perfect matches. What you need to do is to determine which platform works best for you with regard to driving engagement and revenue.

2. Understand How To Use Deterministic And Probabilistic Matching.

Starting A CRM Match Program

The former provides a more accurate level of matching as it matches one-on-one by specifically identifying individuals. Facebook, for instance, matches emails to profiles, thus, adverts can be sent to specific individuals.

The latter is referred to as inferred matching. Customers can be matched and profiled, but cannot be matched directly. They are matched via identifying IP addresses and devices.


3. Separation

Starting A CRM Match Program

You will come across a vast database of records that you may need to segment by using creative images which are relevant to each group you have separated it into.

Track and report them separately and make the most use out of them.


4. The Match Rate

Starting A CRM Match Program

It is not possible to have a 100% matched list after upload. Match rates will usually vary according to partner and platform.

Do not let your segments be too small as the audience will be too small to scale.

You will need to work with a media partner on this to have a better understanding of what to expect your match rate to be like.


5. Make Fresh Lists Once In A While.

WiseAgentCRM_Infographic-transparent - Starting A CRM Match Program

CRM lists need to be made afresh at least on a monthly basis.

This is to make sure that the customer list is upgraded and your programs are therefore up to date.

You are given an easy way of reaching potential customers and giving them relevant information about products or services that may be of interest to them via simple CRM software that could take your business beyond expected profit margins.