9 Stress Buster Funny Videos That Will Relax You Instantly

Stress Buster Funny Videos 2023

January 19th, 2017   |   Updated on April 15th, 2024

Stress Buster Funny Videos have always been a stress buster for everyone.

Whatever is the situation, watching a hilarious one daily in the morning acts as a painkiller to many and also helpful to manage stress.

Recently the videos going viral through social networking sites have seen a rise with various YouTube channels coming up with amazing takes on social issues, society or the media.

1. Eye To Eye By Taher Shah

This video song with hilarious lyrics was uploaded. Pakistani artist, Taher Shah, a self-obsessed singer’s lyrics and dance moves had left the internet audience in bits.

In his song, he says how love and lovemaking are connected through soul and eyes.

In the song which revolves around eyes, he uses some of the hilarious adjectives to define them. Some of them include fabulous, colorful, spectrum, sensational, etc.

2. Cooper Loves Ice Cream

In this video, two cute little pet dogs are seen sharing a McDonald’s ice cream sitting at a window car! While both wants to lick the same ice cream, Cooper leaves it for Daisy to have it shocking everyone.

Then surprising everyone, Cooper gulps the entire scoop after waiting patiently for some time.

3. Vennu Mallesh – It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

After Kovaleri Di’s huge hit across in the country, many tried to copy Dhanesh’ lyrics and performance.

Among the many who did their best, here is a YouTube video which will set your mood straight and give you a great start.

With some hilarious combination of words, the lyrics and the video song by Vennu Mallesh is good for a hearty laughter.

4. Cats Just Don’t Want To Bathe – Funny Cat Bathing Compilation

For those who are bored seeing cute dog videos, here is something different for you! People with cats at home would easily relate to this video.

The YouTube video is a compilation of cats who scurry away on seeing bathtubs, it looks as if the idea of bathing worries them. Watch the video to find out why cats do not want to take bath.

5. Very Funny Stupid Signs

Here is a YouTube video with the collection of signboards which has some of the hilarious types.

While some caution boards are written creatively gaining a lot of attention, others are grammar blunders which will give you a great laugh.

Watch the video with the compilation of errors and laugh at the billboards put up at public places.

6. Julaab Gang- Selfie Selfie Kya Hai?

This video song is a parody of Subhash Ghai’s ILU ILU song with lyrics which defines selfies as ‘I love me’.

Watch the video to find out why the world is obsessed with selfies today. Everyone from politicians, celebrities, sports people, all seems to be obsessed with selfies and its popularity.

7. Stupid Reasons To Smoke – Old Delhi Films

This is a video which could be the funniest justification that men usually give for smoking.

Watching this YouTube video you would relate to your friends who usually gives baseless reasons for their addiction.

8. How Do You Say, Haute Couture | Funny Fashion Phonetics

Watch this YouTube video to find out why fashion sense would be simpler than the pronunciation of the high brands.

People flaunt their top fashionable brands quite easily but not everyone knows the right stress on the names of fashion brands. Watch girls having a difficult time pronouncing some of the common brand names here.

9. iPhone 6 [Parody] Announcing The P-Phone!

iPhone 6’s entry into the market was one of the notable launches in 2014. The phone created a huge buzz with everyone wanting to get a glimpse of the high priced phone.

The phone is called as the P phone (Patel phone) saying that it was made keeping in mind the needs of a Gujarati family.

While the phone was still in news, a YouTube channel came up with one of the hilarious takes on iPhone 6.

The video includes everything from khakras, dhoklas, market status and everything that Gujju families are known for.