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Top 5 Stress Relieving Hobbies to Improve Your Quality of Life

Stress Relieving Hobbies

Updated on January 22nd, 2019

The modern way of life offers a lot of benefits that help make our everyday life much simpler. To account for it, it has also become more fast-paced, stressful and ultimately damaging to your physical and mental health.

Some people are better at handling these types of situations as a result of specific activities that help them relieve accumulated stress and anxiety. Read on to learn about the top five hobbies you can take up as part of your strategy to improve your overall quality of life.

1. Writing & Painting

You don’t have to be a bestselling author or a contemporary Picasso in order to make use of the beneficial effects of writing and painting. You can take up writing during your daily commute to your workplace and back home, and use your everyday thoughts and concerns as an endless source of inspiration.

Painting may require a bit more setup, but even if you settle for number coloring books, you are bound to experience its calming effects in no time.


2. Play a Game

A person’s childhood is generally considered the happiest period of their lives, filled with all kinds of games. While adults may be reluctant to play hide-and-seek around their building, there is a wide range of games left at their disposal. No matter whether you choose to revive your blackjack skills on the redbet online casino floor or prefer a game of ‘Monopoly’ with your kids, games are a natural way to relieve tension, and even regain confidence.


3. Do Some Gardening

Getting in touch with nature is always a good idea, and even more so when it comes to overcoming difficult times in one’s life. Turn your yard into your own work of art by choosing all kinds of plants with vibrant colors, or take up gardening in your apartment by getting a few plants that will depend on your care to survive. This practice is a good distraction and stress-reliever, but it also works as an effective strategy to develop a sense of obligation.


4. Become Physically Active

Not everyone is able to do the same physical exercises, but walking and jogging, or even passing a ball over some friendly chit-chat can count as great solutions when done properly. Aside from the long-term benefits of regular physical activity to people’s health, some aspects of everyday life undergo improvements almost momentarily. The first things you will notice are the quality of sleep you get, and the increased levels of energy you have on a daily basis.


5. Get Creative in Your Kitchen

Cooking and baking rank high on the list of hobbies that help relieve stress, and this is even more evident when it is done with all the freedom possible. People are encouraged to take up cooking and master the art of preparing food for themselves and their close ones. Not only will they have a treat at the end of the day, but can also develop the ability to take initiative, form combinations and create something with their hands, going back to their primal instincts.