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Ivanka’s Modeling Images

October 31st, 2018   |   Updated on March 23rd, 2023

Whether it was glamour yesterday or politics today, this first daughter and advisor to President Trump continue to hog the limelight. Her modeling career began when young Ivanka was just out of boarding school at the age 15. The young Ivanka was then a member of the celebrity segment of Elite Model Management.

In a 1997 interview with the New York Times reporting on her modeling career, Ivanka said, ” I live for the moment. I do not fear the future because I think every experience makes you stronger. I am the kind of person who has no regrets.” Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times downplayed Ivanka’s statement as ” banalities, stated in studied, contraction-free sentences.”

Ivanka’s smooth entry into a modeling career full of challenges and struggle without any difficulty may perhaps be attributed to a close nexus between Trump and the Elite for years. John Casablancas, the founder of the model management company, according to The NYT was Ivanka’s father’s friend.

Hot photo of Ivanka Trump

Ivanka’s modeling profile was not up to the scratch according to several modeling experts. In an interview to The NYT in 1997, Company Management’s owner admitted that they would not sign her as model, for they ” like girls to be exceptionally editorial, which is more of an ability than a look”. In their opinion Ivanka didn’t have that edge.

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These events of past 21 years continue to haunt the current political career of Ivanka to which she is more focused now. Here are some photos from the glitzy bygone era when Ivanka was passionate about modeling.

1. Cat Walk On The Ramp

Hot Ivanka Trump - Cat Walk On The Ramp

This photo taken by Alberto Lo Bianko shows Ivanka modeling for apparel that Enrico Coveri created in the 1990s.


2. The Golden Girl

The Golden Girl - Sexy Ivanka Trump

Ivanka at a 1998 Paris fashion show (Paco Rabanne couture fashion show). This photo was taken by Mark Large.


3. The Pink Doll

The Pink Doll - Ivanka Trump

This photo shows Ivanka modeling at the Betsey Johnson fashion show when Mark Lennihan captured the perfect shoot in 1997.


4. The Jazzy Ticker Tape

sexy Ivanka - The Jazzy Ticker Tape

In this photo, Ivanka is displaying a dress style created by Betsy Johnson called the “ticker tape dress”


5. Modeling in London

Hot Photos Of Ivanka Trump

This photo depicts Ivanka’s modeling performance in London in 2001, where the photographer was Geoff Wilkinson.


6. Another London Shoot

Ivanka Trump modelling years

This 2001 London shoot was also captured by Wilkinson


7. Yet Another London Shoot

Hottest ivanka trump

Wilkinson is credited for this London shoot in 2001


8. Ivanka and Ivana Trump

cute ivanka trump

Ivanka is seen with her mother Ivana Trump in a photo shoot by Wilkinson. In 1992, Ivanka and Donald Trump divorced.


9. Kilt Fashion

Kilt fashion sexy Ivanka Trump

This 2007 photo depicts Sandra Murray’s Kilt fashion that Ivanka is showcasing


10. Colorful Models

Hottest Photos Ivanka Trump

This 1996 photo by Chrystyna Czajkowsky shows Ivanka at Enrico Coveri’s fashion show in New York. The other two models are Jillian Hearst and Kimberly Stewart.


11. For ELLE Magazine in The 1990s

Ivanka Trump Sexy Pictures

In this photo taken by Gilles Bensimon in 1996, Ivanka is seen posing for ELLE magazine.


12. Winter White

Super Hot Photos of Ivanka Trump

This photo taken from Ivanka’s Instagram is titled “Winter white” but she doesn’t inform us when and who captured her photo as seen here.


13. Ivanka at 14

ivanka trump on Instagram

This photo taken from Ivanka’s Instagram profile, according to Ivanka shows her as 14 years old.

While taking a look at her photos from Instagram and other sources, it is not difficult to conclude that Ivanka enjoys her life wherever she is including modeling, business, and politics.

Source: Bustle


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hot pictures of Ivanka Trump

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