25 Stunning Photos Of Nature That Look Like Heaven!

Stunning Photos 8

Published on February 16th, 2017

Photography is a very powerful medium and a very difficult art. Excellent photos don’t only display some facts, they tell stories. Taking excellent pictures is damn hard as you need to find a perfect perspective and consider the perfect timing. For brilliant photography you need practice and patience.

Here are some of our favorites 25 stunning photos of nature that look like heaven.Take a look.

1.“Mountain Goats, Colorado”

Mountain Goats


2. “Proxy Falls, Oregon”

Proxy Falls

3. “White Pocket, Arizona”

White Pocket


4. “Red fox, Alaska”

Red fox, Alaska


5. “The stark contrast between the hiker’s diminutiveness and the size of the dune was a scene I had to shoot.”



6. A brilliant sunbeam pierced the small opening and produced the hotspot on the wall.

Stunning Photos Of Nature

7. “I framed the alligator from the side to highlight its intense look, the leather-like texture of its skin, and the bony ridges on its back.”



8. “Progress was slow, but when the bird finally arrived at the rocky shore, it was able to hop out of the water carrying its lunch. Although stunned and soaking wet, the eagle had somehow managed to hang onto its meal.”

Rocky Shore

9. “A wise person once told me, ‘You never know if you don’t go.’”

Rise Up


10. “I never did catch a fish, but I will have this beautiful memory forever.”



11. “Contrary to all appearances, my leaping friend Yoav—emboldened by the presence of a camera—made the jump to dry land.”



12. “It didn’t take long for me to realize this was a scene that needed a hiker. I set up the timer and made my way into the composition.”


13. The clouds parted, revealing a solitary rock spire.

Revealing A Solitary Rock Spire


14. “As the sun set, light rays pierced the clouds and lit up the falling rain and the tips of the mountain with a golden hue.”

Golden Hue

15. “Mother Nature is the master artist; I am a messenger.”

Mother Nature


16. “People interacting with the landscapes of the wilderness provide an endless supply of new photographic opportunities.”



17. “At 14,505 feet in elevation, the setting sun and the full moon created a unique combination of warm and cool tones.”

Warm And Cool Tones

18. “As the sun began to rise and illuminate the lenticular cloud above, all thoughts of frostbite quickly vanished as I captured my very own winter wonderland.”

lenticular cloud

19. “At sunrise, I walked along the Merced River. I was delighted to see golden light spreading across the trees and glass-like water reflecting the monolithic mountains. All was silent except for the sound of trickling water.”

Merced River

20.“Breathing in the fresh air, finding beautiful patches of large-flowered trilliums, and standing among 400-year-old giants never ceases to provide a thrill.”

Stunning Photos 20


21. “Alaska Range, Alaska”

Alaska Range

22. “Milky Way, Oregon”

Milky Way


23. “The stark quiet combined with the stoic tree trunks created a cathedral-like atmosphere—it was definitely a spiritual journey.”


24. Due to the strong wind, these light holes were quick to move. It evoked an Aurora Borealis effect of moving lights.

Aurora Borealis

25. “Brown bear, Alaska”

Brown bear