Daredevil Photography! Here Is How He Captured A Simmering Volcano Spitting Out Red Hot Lava And Plumes Of Ash Cloud

One intrepid photographer couldn't resist the opportunity to capture the otherworldly terrain on camera. And the result was STUNNING!

Published on November 2nd, 2016

Christopher Horsley, a thrill-seeking Photographer and an intrepid traveller captured the stunning shots of a simmering volcano spitting out red hot lava and plumes of ash cloud  from Marum, an active lava lake of Ambrym, Vanuatu, a South Pacific Ocean nation.

Christopher shot this stunning images with expedition founder, Geoff Mackley and fellow climbers Nik Halik and Kevin Keator.

1. Pictured is Nik Halik abseiling into Marum



2. The traveller and his team gained access to the crater floor and spent a night inside.



3. The island has two active volcanic cones – Benbow and Marum. Horsley camped on Marum.



4. From the red hot lava to ginormous craters the striking images captured using drone photography



5. Pictured is Jake Thomas abseiling down into Marum


6. To descend to the crater floor of Marum, guiding two people would take  Horsley anywhere from two to two and a half hours.



7. Nik Halik looking up into the lava lake.



8. Chris Horsley sitting by the volcano eating



9. Each descent and ascent takes between four and five hours in total depending on climber competency



10. Burning lava inside Marum.



11. Campsite of the group of hardy adventurers who captured the otherworldly terrain on camera.



12. The trip was the hardy traveller’s third expedition to Ambrym totalling nearly four months on the volcano, and about 14 descents into Marum itself.


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Source: dailymail.co.uk

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