35 Signs That Show You Are Already Much Successful In The 20’s

Successful In The 20’s

Published on March 9th, 2017

Some people know what they want to do from an early age and focus on it relentlessly. Others are driven enough to reinvent themselves, changing careers and industries, and continuously push until they find the thing that works.

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Here are 35 signs based on observations from several millionaire friends of mine, that you’re destined to become successful.

1. You have committed mistakes and have learned the art of forgiving yourself.


2. Over a period of time, you have understood that you are not perfect and that it is ok.

3. Just like others you have faced failures and understood that they will not end your life.


4. You have helped others by doing something noble but never bragged about it.

5. You have faced heart breaks, gone through the pain and are now a much stronger person than before.


6. Now small issues of life do not bother you like before.

7.  However, even if you feel upset over something you have started understanding that you are human. You now let the anger subside and then move on to do something more constructive.

8. You have understood the art of falling in love with people’s souls and the goodness in them.


9. Being alive is the luckiest thing possible and you have understood that.

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10. You have stood up against a person who was demeaning you in different ways possible. It could be your spouse, partner or your boss but have definitely told them that their behavior is not acceptable.


11. Now you also understand that by putting people down you do not become a good person and neither can that make you feel better.

12. You have also learned that by doing that you can feel a momentary happiness which is a farce.

13. In spite of the fact that it would make you feel uncomfortable, you still asked for help when needed.

14. Life is beautiful, with or without pain and you understand that well now.


15. At times facing the trouble solves half of the problem and you now know that. However tough it is you have gone and faced the music and that has made you feel better.


16. Even though it is quite easy to do still you do not blame others for the problems in your life.

17. Your friendships with some close friends ended in spite of being strong bonds and you have faced such events without much worry.


18. Once the friendships ended you have realized that they were meant to end this way. Now you have moved on to finding friends with who you share a mental compatibility.


19. You have understood that all things may feel difficult to accomplish initially but they do get done finally.

20. Being a good friend you have tried everything possible to make the friendship work.

21. However, when as a friend you made errors you made sure to apologize for the same.


22. Even on days when getting out of bed was a herculean task you have been able to do it.


23. You have spent your energy doing something constructive like continuing your education or pursuing a hobby something just out of the ordinary.


24. You applied for a job which was totally out of your skill range.

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25. Following the right rules and ignoring the unnecessary ones has been your mantra.

26. When it is required you have learned the art of saying NO.


27. However, you also know now when and how to say YES without any fears.

28. Bidding goodbye to a bad day and starting afresh is something you have done a couple of times now.

29. Just plain talk is not sufficient it is the execution that matters and you now believe in it completely.

30. You do not pursue Social Media with the intention of feeling bad and jealous of your friends who have everything. It is normal to be jealous of other’s lives and you have understood that.


31. Even though you have not yet found what you are looking for you have not stopped the search process.

32. You have learned to forgive those people in your life who made mistakes and indirectly cause stress to you.


33. Now you know that it is simple to not react to what others think about you.


34. You also know that even if you care about what others think it should not stop or inhibit you from doing something different that you really wanted to do.

35. It is normal to be emotional and you now do not apologize for being so. You have experienced a wide array of them and realized that sometimes they may just leave you unbalanced.

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