Supercharge Your PDF Reading: Reference Tracking, Outline Preview, Figure Navigation

Google Scholar PDF Reader

Published on March 21st, 2024

For years, researchers have enjoyed the simplicity of PDFs for reading papers, yet also grappled with their limitations.

Issues like ‘following references takes forever’ or ‘I need to locate the methods section quickly’ are all too common. Introducing the Google Scholar PDF Reader, designed to revolutionize your paper reading experience.

Seamlessly integrated with Scholar, it transforms in-text citations into clickable links.

With just a click, you can preview the cited article and often access a readable version, all without losing your reading position.

The Scholar PDF Reader boasts an automatically generated table of contents.

Need to jump straight to the methods section? Simply click its link in the outline. Want to navigate to a specific subsection? Expand sections for swift navigation.

Supercharge your PDF reading

Now, even in-text references to figures and tables are clickable links. Just click on a mention to swiftly navigate to the corresponding figure.

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Once you’ve absorbed the details, simply use the familiar back button in your browser to seamlessly return to your previous spot.

Optimize PDF Reading

But wait, there’s more!

  • Easily copy and paste citations while you read
  • Save citations to a reference manager for future use
  • Explore citing and related articles for the paper at hand
  • Customize your reading experience with light, dark, or night themes

The Scholar PDF Reader comes as a Chrome browser extension. Install it directly from the Chrome web store page and give it a try today!