7 Surprise Birthday Ideas That Will Leave Your Loved One’s Jaw Dropped

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October 27th, 2017   |   Updated on March 26th, 2024

There is hardly anyone on this planet who doesn’t like surprises, especially on his or her birthday. No matter how old you grow, you still expect and love surprises on your birthday. Don’t you? But, do you know that more gratifying feeling is to surprise someone you love on his or her birthday? Yes, being the reason of your loved one’s happiness and laughter is what that makes you happier. So, make your loved one’s birthdays a memorable one with the following surprise ideas which will leave them speechless:

1. Birthday Video Wish

A special video composed of birthday wishes from all the close ones of the birthday person can put a wide smile on his or her face. If you want to make someone feel special and loved on his or her birthday then, be a host and message everyone to send their video birthday wishes to you. After you receive videos from everyone’s end, compile them together and send to the birthday person right when the clock strikes 12 a.m.

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2. Gift A Vacation

Gift A Vacation

This is one of the best surprises you can give to your loved ones on their birthday. For example, if it’s your dad’s birthday, then, surprise him by booking a ticket to his favorite destination that he wants to visit. Also, make sure you make a hotel reservation too. This surprise will really make your dad’s and loved one’s birthday an unforgettable one.


3. Balloons With Pictures Attached

Balloons With Pictures Attached

Balloons and pictures both can make a birthday surprise more special. Get helium balloons and print out of your favorite pictures with the birthday person. Attach each photo to the bottom of a balloon string and decorate the room. This surprise will make the birthday person reminisce all the beautiful memories that he or she has shared with you and also make him or she feel special.

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4. Customized Birthday Cake

Customized Birthday Cake

Since time immemorial cake has been adding starts to every birthday celebration and it still continues to sweeten a birthday party with its deliciousness. So, sending a birthday cake to India for your dear ones on their birthday can convey your lovely wishes to them. Now, you can customize a cake according to yourself. For e.g: If you want to surprise someone who is a music lover, then you can order for a music themed cake from a reputed bakery.


5. The Hobby gifts

Hobby gifts

This surprising idea makes a thoughtful birthday gift. Nothing can be more surprising and meaningful than gifting a present that is related to the hobby of the birthday person. All you need to do is to know about the hobbies of your loved ones so that you can surprise them a gift accordingly on their birthdays. To ease your work, today there are online gifts portals where you can get a wide range of birthday gifts online to India.


6. Work Place Surprise

Work Place Surprise

This is one of the most adorable birthday surprise ideas that can really make the birthday person feel very special. It’s because when an unexpected surprise comes from a loved one in an unexpected place, it makes the birthday person feel valued and loved. You can send flowers, chocolates and other gifts to your loved one’s workplace and add a beautiful memory to his or her birthday.

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7. Scrapbook Surprise

Scrapbook Surprise

A birthday gift made by you for your loved ones will be the most special gift for them. So, if you have an artistic insight you can make a scrapbook full of personalized pictures, wishes, messages and lovely notes for the birthday person. This gift is something that your loved ones can treasure for a lifetime and this will make your bond stronger with them.

So, if you are running out of birthday surprise ideas, try these interesting and lovely ideas to make someone’s birthday super happening.