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15 Surprising Table Manners From All Over The World

15 shocking table manners from all over the world

February 25th, 2017   |   Updated on April 21st, 2023

All over the world, there are different ways of handling food. Our parents and family took great care of teaching us the principles of what we consider being good table manners. But when you travel, you soon realize those rules aren’t universal.

Table manners all over the world are totally different, and there are good reasons why those table manners are that way. Knowing what’s appropriate at the table all over the world can help you make friends and even show your level of openness as a person. Here are fifteen of the weirdest table etiquette rules in the world.

1. Korea & Your Elders

Korea & Your Elders

2. Russia & Vodka

Russia & Vodka

3. China & Fish

China & Fish


4. The Middle East & Shaking Your Cup

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5. Brazil & Tokens

Brazilian steakhouse

6. Mexico & Tacos

Mexico & Tacos


7. South India & Your Left Hand

Korea & Your Elders


8. Georgia & Wine

Georgia & Wine

9. Italy & Cappuccinos

Italy & Cappuccinos


10. Great Britain & The Bishop Of Norwich

The Bishop Of Norwich


11. France & Bread

France & Bread

12. Thailand & Forks

Thailand & Forks,shocking table manners

13. Japan & Chopsticks

Japan & Chopsticks


14. Italy & Cheese

Italy & Cheese

15. Chile & Your Hands

Chile & Your Hands,shocking table manners