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Under What Pretext Did Mirror Online Ask Juicy Tales Of Working At McDonald’s?

April 25th, 2016   |   Updated on August 26th, 2020

The first McDonald’s franchise restaurant opened in the US in 1955. Now it is the world’s biggest fast food chain, employing 1.9 million people. In the 60+ years, portrayals of its workplaces have not been universally positive. In the year 1991, Douglas Coupland’s novel Generation X popularized a term of derision “McJob”, referring to low-grade work, particularly for young people. The McDonald’s Workers’ Resistance group described working for the company as “degrading and dehumanizing.


But, what’s it like to actually work there?  “When this question was asked on Quora , there were plenty of employees of McDonald’s have spilled the beans, and which were pleasantly surprising,” says Mirror online.

Next, the UK tabloid asks , ” Have you worked at a fast food chain? Tell us about your experiences via the form at the bottom.”

Seemingly a cleverly done PR exercise for the world’s biggest fast food chain! More you can find yourself on Quora. More surprises in store!


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