Benefits Of Investing In The Evolve Sustainable Sand Free Towel

Evolve Sustainable Sand Free Towel

April 22nd, 2021   |   Updated on December 11th, 2021

When you decide to take a trip to any coastal city, you will want to have the best supplies in tow for the adventure. Therefore, carrying sand free towels that will allow you to go about your business without hindrance is necessary.

The traditional towels are sticky, and so they will end up picking up a lot of sand and make it difficult for you to go about your activities.

Of course, if you are not careful, you will have enough sand in your bag when you go back to your room. It will make your life hard and stop you from having fun.

Evolve sand-free towels are smooth and do not feature traditional loops. They can pick sand alright, but you will easily brush and remove it from the towel.

So you end up with a sand-free experience, allowing you to move from the beach to your hotel without worrying about sand.

Evolve sand-free towels are environmentally and user friendly. They leave the sand on the beach while allowing you to visit your favorite spots and enjoy your stay.

Here are the benefits of investing in Evolve sand-free towels.

1. They Are Sand-Free

Evolve sustainable sand-free towels are stylish and designed to enable you to enjoy a sand-free adventure. They are non-sticky and can be brushed to allow the sand to fall off easily.

It means that carrying them when you visit the beach will leave the sand at the beach when you shake them. Besides, they are double-sided travel towels that you will enjoy using while traveling.

2. They Are Compact And Dry Rapidly

Evolve Sustainable Sand Free Towel

The towels are designed with a black pigment that maximizes solar absorption. They harness heat from the sun, meaning that they will dry faster than the traditional towels.

Also, the towels feature a unique texture, which allows them to maximize evaporation, and so they dry faster when washed. Also, they are easy to fold and will fit in small bags, and still leave you with enough space to keep other essentials.

3. Made Of Antimicrobial And Are Good Absorbent

Evolve sand-free towels are made of microfiber- a natural antimicrobial that absorbs moisture. It implies that you will no longer need to worry about smelly towels while on the adventure.

The towels can be washed and packed in the bag without worrying about a bad smell. Besides, the towels can absorb more than a liter of water and so you do not need to keep on washing them as is the case with the traditional towels. Also, they will not accumulate mildew and bacteria even if you don’t wash them.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you should use sand-free towels. They are convenient and easy to carry. Above all, evolve sand-free towels do not trap sand even when wet.

Also, these towels dry fast and come in nice patterns and colors, making them appealing to the eye. They are, therefore, the necessities you must have when planning to spend some days on the beach.