Swapery: The Game Changer For Phone Batteries?

Swapery The Game Changer For Phone Batteries

Published on February 15th, 2024

5 takeaways: Game Changer For Phone Batteries

  • Innovative Battery-Swapping Solution
  • External Battery Pack Attachment
  • Efficient Seven-Second Swapping Process
  • Additional Charge Duration
  • Claims of Revolutionizing Charging Methods

A company has introduced a revolutionary solution to address the impatience associated with waiting for smartphone charging. The innovative product, called Swapery charging station, claims to be the “world’s first auto-swappable battery system for smartphones.”

Unlike traditional battery-swapping mechanisms, Swapery doesn’t replace the phone’s internal battery directly. Instead, users attach an external battery pack to their smartphones, connecting it to the device’s USB-C port.

Once the external battery pack is depleted, users place their phones on the Swapery charging station.

In a remarkable seven-second process, the station automatically swaps the depleted battery pack with one of four fully charged battery packs stored inside.

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While the exact capacity of the battery pack is not disclosed, the company asserts that it provides users with an additional eight to 10 hours of charge, not considering screen-on time.

Questions regarding the pack’s capacity, durability (including factors like IP rating and build), and charging time have been posed to the company for clarification.

The Swapery website, despite some typos, boldly claims that its approach will “eliminate all the current charging methods.” However, it’s important to note that the charging station only replaces the external battery pack.

To maximize the phone’s endurance, users still need to charge the internal battery separately.

Fortunately, the battery pack features a USB-C port, allowing users to charge their phones using the traditional charging methods that Swapery aims to replace.

Further information awaits clarification from the company regarding the mentioned aspects, and any updates will be incorporated into the article.