How To Select The Best Nameplate Design And Service Provider?


August 22nd, 2018   |   Updated on December 31st, 2020

Technology and its varied use have made modern day life easy! You can customize almost everything that you need. Custom nameplates have become popular today. And the term might bring to mind tags that people wear on lapels. But today, nameplates actually refer to other varied products used in the industrial sector, for inventory and official purposes. And one of the best metals used for nameplates is stainless steel because it’s robust and durable.


Customize Your Industrial Nameplates


The industrial nameplates have multiple uses. It is used to tag devices and machinery instead of sticker labeling. Generally, heavy factory machinery and accessories are more prone to grime and grease. Also, most machinery undergoes rough and heavy usage.

Hence, it requires sturdy and long-lasting nameplates to carry the essential details. These tags and nameplates mostly are used for maintenance, repair needs, and inventory purposes.

Stainless steel is the most obvious choice for industrial nameplates. Durability and strength are two essential pre-requisites here.

The nameplates are usually printed using an engraving machine. These get attached to the devices making use of screws, rivets and many other bulky mounting choices.

Have you been mulling on industrial nameplates for your company? If yes, then there are several options that you can search online and choose accordingly.

You can browse through websites like and many others, and make your choice. Compare the designs and the service provider efficiency level before you make a final decision.


Customize Your Office/Corporate Nameplates


Usually, the nameplates used in the corporate sector to denote the person at the office, cubicle or desk. The nameplates are created making use of raw materials that get used for industrial nameplates. The most common raw materials are aluminum, stainless steel or plastic. However, stainless steel is the most preferred choice. It blends an aesthetic look with high utility. Mounted on tables with the help of aluminum holders, these nameplates have good utility.

Then there are the name tags as well. Though nor formally taken to be as nameplates, but it is made of stainless steel as well.


Select The Best Nameplate Service, Provider

Corporate or industrial nameplates will have to be customized! And for that, you need to join hands with the best service provider. The online world has many service providers listed that you can browse and select from. But whether the service provider is a wise choice or not, is the question.

Discussed below is check-list that will enable you to make the right choice for an industrial/ corporate nameplate.


1. Product Research Is Essential

Analyze the nameplate you want to opt-in for carefully. Majority of product descriptions comprise of several details. Ensure that the nameplate you’re mulling on caters to your requirements regarding width, size, color and various other features. As you assess, ask yourself some critical questions like:

  • Is the nameplate in the shape and format you require?
  • Is it in the form of a bar code, a simple text, scan code or any other format?
  • Does the nameplate you need is available in the exact number you require?

Few industrial nameplates are available in large quantities, and some are available in small amounts. So decide beforehand which one you would want to opt in for. It will help you make a value judgment and justify your investment as well.


2. Assess The Pictures Carefully

The majority of the website provides a preview sample picture of the stainless-steel industrial nameplate. It will allow you to get a good idea about the way a nameplate will look when as a finished product. Ensure that the sample plate looks authentic and it has all the relevant data about the final nameplate. Also, browse through the product pictures from various angles. It will enable you to have a better idea about the form of the nameplate. You can get customization ideas as well as you gauge the various angles. Based on the usage of the nameplate you may think of customizing the holes.

Also, assess the text fields that are available. Assess each area as well as the placement and number of the holes on the nameplate. Check whether the holes are of the correct size. It is essential for you to realize whether you can attach it to the product.


3. Plan The Customizations Carefully

Metal nameplates are customized to cater to specific requirements. Hence, always take time before you give the final go-ahead to customize it. To avert all kinds of mistake, don’t rush the process. Make sure you have considered all that is important to you. Ensure that you have added all the specific data and selections correctly. Once you get convinced that you’ve entered all that you need, you can go ahead and speak to a service provider.


4. Assess The Information Before You Place An Order

Double check every single aspect before you put the final order for your customized stainless-steel nameplate. It is essential to research the service provider you have decided to partner. Research and check whether the company has sufficient industry experience to be able to manage your nameplate customization work. Ask for sample work that the company has done before and assess it thoroughly before you join hands. Check online for customer reviews and feedback as well. All these will help you understand whether you are taking the correct decision about the service provider.

Check the delivery timeline and also ask if the nameplates will get delivered on the committed time. Ask if you can make changes post-production changes to the nameplates if you don’t like the nameplate.

There will be many companies that will suggest you opt in for other materials than stainless steel. But if you want a durable, robust and easily manageable metal nameplate and tags, there’s no better material than stainless steel. Other than the durability, stainless steel is also comfortable to maintain and clean, if there’s a need for it. Also, consider the pricing. You need to ensure that a service provider doesn’t charge you extra. But at the same time, make sure that you don’t associate with a service provider who promises low price but a questionable quality of work. So weigh through the pros and cons and arrive at the best decision.