Keep These 3 Things In Mind When Buying An Outdoor Patio Tile

outdoor patio tiles

August 29th, 2018   |   Updated on March 4th, 2019

If you’re looking for flooring for an area that’s exposed to the elements, a great option to go with is an outdoor patio tile.

This material offers endless possibilities for design, in addition to being able to withstand extreme temperature changes and the ease with which it can be installed.

With innumerable types to choose from, you can create a gorgeous backyard haven out of your leisure space.

However, the quality of tiles varies greatly. It is, therefore, imperative that you use outdoor patio tiles that have specifically been made for the outdoors to be sure that they can withstand the elements in your area.

What to look for in outdoor patio tiles

Things In Mind When Buying An Outdoor Patio Tile

1. It should be durable

The tiles must be able to hold up against the elements. Many ceramic products simply cannot be used outside effectively because they’re too soft. Good options include solid and porcelain stones such as quartzite, limestone, travertine, marble, slate and granite. Numerous colors are available, including beige, green, red, blue and gray.

2. It should absorb too much water

You need to get an outdoor patio tile that can hold up against extreme temperature changes if you live in an area that goes through a cycle of freezing and thawing. A good option for low water absorption is porcelain. When water that has been absorbed by a piece of tile freezes, the tile can crack, thus damaging your flooring.

3. The surface should be slip-resistant

Is the floor in your shower tiled? Even though the tiles in your shower might be ceramic—and thus smooth—they likely don’t get slippery while you’re in the shower. The tiles are separated by grout lines to break up the surface, thereby providing your feet with more traction and preventing you from slipping.

In contrast, many outdoor patio tiles tend to be much larger and therefore have fewer grout lines. Consequently, there needs to be another way of making them slip-resistant. Additions Patios Brisbane suppliers resolve this by making them a bit abrasive using a little grit in order to give your feet traction.

Seek the advice of a knowledgeable professional

outdoor patio tiles

When shopping for outdoor patio tiles, seek the guidance of the sales representatives. As you let them know what you’re looking for, mention that you’ll use the tiles outside. A knowledgeable and helpful sales representative will help you choose the most suitable tile.

If the sales representative doesn’t seem willing to steer you in the right direction, consider shopping elsewhere. Failure to insist on getting proper guidance when purchasing outdoor patio tiles might cost you dearly in the end. If you or someone else slips and gets injured, you may be faced with large hospital bills or an expensive lawsuit simply because you chose the wrong outdoor patio tile.

The best supplier to purchase your outdoor patio tiles from are the ones that specialize in the product. Carrying out your research prior to your purchase will enable you to immediately realize when a sales representative doesn’t know what they’re talking about.