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This Was The Cutest ROAR You’d Have Heard Ever


Published on November 29th, 2016

He may only be three-months-old but this lion cub has proved it is never too early to start practising his roar.

The young cat was caught on camera opening his mouth wide and testing out his voice in an South African game reserve.

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And tourists who were lucky enough to catch the rare sight said the youngster looked exactly like Simba, star of the 1994 Disney classic, The Lion King.

Tourists at a South African game reserve were delighted to catch sight of a young lion trying out his roar



Many said the young cub testing out his voice reminded them of Simba, the young cub in the Disney film the Lion King



The pictures of the young cub were snapped in the Kruger National Park by guide Heinrich Neumayer


At one point he even tried to escape from his mother.



The pictures show the young lion cub breaking free from his mother before practicing his mighty roar to his adoring crowd.


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