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25 Times Tiny Wedding Guests Stole The Spotlight

Tiny Wedding Guests

January 23rd, 2018   |   Updated on January 11th, 2019

Having kids at your wedding can be a real crapshoot: They’re unpredictable, messy, loud and prone to tantrums.

But boy, they sure are cute ― and entertaining! Below, see 25 photos of pint-sized wedding guests who will charm your socks off.

1. This enthusiastic photog-in-training loves her job By D. Park Photography

2. This duo is double trouble — just look at those grins! By Mari Harsan Studios

3. This little lady is a natural in front of the camera By The Hearnes

4. This little honey’s got the money By D. Park Photography

5. This flower girl made sure her stuffed animal was part of the celebration By Tim Monson

6. This one’s already daydreaming about the cake By George Street Photo and Video

7. This pair is just beachy keen By Katie Kaizer Photography

8. And this pair makes a great team By Katie Kaizer Photography

9. This dapper fellow knows a thing or two about style By George Street Photo and Video

10. These two are very good at sharing By George Street Photo and Video

11. This little one has us saying, ‘“All hail the flower queen!” By Elizabeth Burgi

12. This kiddo nailed the “blue steel” pose By George Street Photo and Video

13. This one’s serving up some Little Red Riding Hood realness By L&L Style Photo

14. This tyke is so cute when he gets distracted By Tim Monson

15. These prima ballerinas have all the right moves By Mari Harsan Studios

16. This pouty little guy sure can rock a fedora! By Carolyn Scott Photography

17. This budding fashionista is stylin’ head to toe By THE LEEKERS

18. This kiddo is happy to lend a helping hand By Rob Greer Photography

19. This trio held an impromptu book club meeting on the dance floor By Priyanca Rao Photography

20. These cowgirls cuties donned their best booties By CHARD Photographer

21. These handsome ring bearers stole the show By Priyanca Rao Photography

22. These two know the flower girl bond cannot be broken By onelove photography

23. This eager tot is just honored to be there By George Street Photo and Video

24. This little one would love to catch up with you at the cocktail hour By L&L Style Photo

25. This grumpy bear has had it up to *here* By Marcela Pulido

Source: huffingtonpost.com