6 Tips For Avoiding Migraine Triggers

Tips For Avoiding Migraine

November 2nd, 2018   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Migraines are super painful. Usually, the symptoms of a migraine are throbbing headache and nausea. Sometimes it is accompanied with nausea, sensitivity to light and sound and blurry vision too. Migraines are usually caused by abnormal brain activity that triggers the blood vessels, signals, and nerve activity.

There are multiple factors that can cause and aggravate migraines. But here are some remedies you can try to avoid migraines.

1. CBD

Purchasing CBD Oil- Tips For Avoiding Migraine

CBD is proven to have multiple benefits. It is full of antioxidants that can help your skin glow and the anti-inflammatory properties can help any skin issues you have. It is also proven to be highly useful and soothing with many illnesses like arthritis, insomnia, anxiety etc. Due to its pain relief properties, CBD helps you with dealing migraines and also reduces the frequency of migraines overtime.


2. Mindful meditation

meditation Quotes - Tips For Avoiding Migraine

Mindful meditation seemed to be highly effective when it came to soothing physical pain. Research by American Migraine foundation claimed that mindful meditation — which is relaxing, and concentration on only your breathing – calmed the nerves down and mind. It is also said that mindful meditation can help with chronic migraines and thereby helping with medication overuse.


3. Hydrate yourself

Water - Tips For Avoiding Migraine

Dehydration can cause headaches and sometimes can build up to migraines. So always carry a bottle of water with you and keep yourself hydrated enough. While you are at it, limit the intake of caffeine and energy drinks. You can also invest some time in your food and eating habits to find about your migraine triggers and work on it.


4. Peppermint and Lavender oils

Lavender oil - Tips For Avoiding Migraine

Peppermint oil is can be very soothing, as the menthol in it helps in reducing the pain, light sensitivity and nausea. It also helps with hormones balance on some level. Lavender is highly efficient when it comes to reducing stress and tension. So try an aromatherapy with these essential oils.


5. Ginger Tea

Tips For Avoiding Migraine

Ginger has so many medicinal properties. It is widely used in treating stomach ailments. They have soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that will help you with calming you. After extensive research, it was proven that ginger can help reduce the duration and intensity of the migraines as well as the drug sumatriptan does. That too, with fewer side effects.


6. Acupressure

Acupressure_Header - Tips For Avoiding Migraine

Acupressure is an Asian bodywork therapy. It involves applying pressure on certain acupressure points. The goal is to balance out the energies in your body and keep it well going. Acupressure has proven to be highly effective in reducing the pain in migraines. It is gaining popularity as an alternative therapy for over the counter medication in recent times.

Here are some of the tips you can try when you’re fighting migraines. A well balanced diet, 8 hours of sleep and exercise is also a basic part of health that can ward off any illnesses, so stay healthy!

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