4 Practical Tips To Trip Australia Affordably


June 8th, 2018   |   Updated on June 18th, 2018

Everyone knows that it is quite expensive to travel to Australia. However, there are plenty of practical ways to explore this beautiful country without really breaking the bank. All you have to do is do a proper planning in advance.

Tips To Trip Australia Affordably

Since Australia is such a vast country, it is close to impossible to explore it within a short period. With this, you need to prioritize travel destinations to maximize your time. You also need to research thoroughly to create the most suitable itinerary.

Know that following a bad itinerary could cost you money. Just imagine the gas money you’ll waste on your camper rental just because you miss the correct exit.

Tips To Trip Australia Affordably

To help you appreciate Australia while saving money, here are a few money-saving tips that would improve your future Australia escapade:


1. Shop at markets

Tips To Trip Australia Affordably

Markets are one of your best friends when in Australia. When you are to buy souvenirs or grab some food, go to the market. Commodities at the markets are way affordable, so you are able to save more money in purchasing items here.

Also, every major city and regional area in Australia has a market, making it easy for you to find one wherever you are. Certainly, markets are the best spots to go shopping for cheap finds.


2. Check out parks and attractions offering free entry

Tips To Trip Australia Affordably

Find out what parks and attractions are free to visit in Australia. Good thing, there are galleries, parks, and museums you can check out without any fee.

Just search online and you will be surprised to know that there are a number of spots you can head to for free. You can stroll around Carlton Gardens, Hyde Park, and Royal Botanical Gardens as much as you want since these are open to the public.

More so, you can pay a visit to some remarkable art museums in Australia with no charge, such as National Museum of Australia and Art Gallery of NSW.


3. Buy cheap but good food

Tips To Trip Australia Affordably

While it is hard to get cheap food in the Land Down Under, still you can find affordable meals here. Several takeaway places offer cheap but nothing short of good dishes of different cuisines, including Italian, Asian, and Greek.

Not to mention, you can check out Chinatown in Sydney or Melbourne for low-priced meals with big servings. It is truly worth your money!


4. Hire a Campervan

Tips To Trip Australia Affordably

Another effective way to help you spare more money during your Australia trip is to rent a campervan. It sounds counter-intuitive but even with high price of gas, the mileage and the number of destinations you can visit in a given period is high.

If you look for low-cost campervan hire service, then your save more money and also roam around any city conveniently. Also, rather than spending more cash on public transportation, driving a campervan and drive to a specific city, could save you more money.

Tips To Trip Australia Affordably

An Australia holiday is possible if you know how to manage your money. Follow these helpful tips mentioned above and you will be able to make the most of your trip.

Also, don’t forget to search for DriveNow campervan here in case you will be needing it for your journey. Certainly, it is going to be an unforgettable and a very Australian-adventure if you travel around on your campervan.