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Incredible Moment! A Toddler Born With No Arms Feeds Herself Using Just Her FEET


Published on October 17th, 2016

Elmira Knutzen captured the video of her daughter Vasilina’s amazing skill

She is truly a brave little girl born with no arms managed to feed herself using just her feet! A  video has captured this heartwarming moment.

This little girl, who was born without arms, has impressed thousands after she was filmed feeding herself with her feet. The clip shows flexible Vasilina who lives in Russia using her toes to grip her fork and guide it into her mouth.

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It is an obvious struggle for the toddler who fails to reach her mouth the first time but refuses to give up.

The little Vasilina then uses her other right foot to reposition the potato and her fork before lifting her leg once more to aim for her mouth.

On her second attempt, she successfully guides her food into her mouth much to her mother’s delight.

Little Vasilina has taught herself how to grip the fork between her toes before manoeuvering food onto it



The toddler edges forward so she can reach the fork, which is firmly clasped between her toes




Vasilina’s efforts have attracted an incredible amount of praise online



The toddler understandably looks pleased to have achieved her goal


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Since sharing it on her Facebook page with the caption: ‘For Vasilina’s fans,’  Elmira’s video has received over 46 million views. Although it has been online for less than a week it has also gained over a million shares and 300,000 likes, and she’s been flooded with comments from people calling the baby ‘inspirational’, ‘amazing’ and ‘genius’.